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  1. I'll try it next week with Silicon Image 3112r drivers.
  2. Firstly, I have search. I havent't found anything interesting. This is a forum, not a knowledge base. That's why I've asked this question. I will try to resume my problem. I need SATA drivers in the textmode setup. The SATA device is not supported by default. There are two methods (as far as I know) to solve my problem : 1 - TXTSETUP.SIF method, 2 - WINNT.SIF (or UNATTEND.TXT) method. 1 - TXTSETUP.SIF method : The methods described here or in the nforcers forum. It is a great method. Alter the TXTSETUP.SIF file, add the driver files in the i386 directory. Great! I tried it, and it works well. A new driver version is available. Damned! The driver has not the same name! I have to add this file again in TXTSETUP.SIF. Damned again! Can't remember what line in what section to copy&paste (I'm not so stupid, I'm lazy). And with all the other things slipstreamed (WMP9, DirectX, a wallpaper with my grandmother, ... ), DOSNET & TXTSETUP are polluted. Let imagine SP2 is available. I slipstream it on my master cd. Boom! TXTSETUP has to be clean. I have to restart all from scratch. 2 - WINNT.SIF (or UNATTEND.TXT) method : Just have to create the $OEM$\Textmode\ directory, add the drivers files into it, and say in WINNT.SIF there those new files. It is an external way to add mass storage drivers. Method wanted : Number 2 I saw this method working very well with a network share (but not the same hardware & drivers). I want to do the same on a CD, but I have this error : Can anyone help me please ?
  3. Hi everyone ! I want to add the SATA drivers (SI3112) available to the textmode setup. I've successfully tried the way to modify the TXTSETUP.SIF file by adding the driver. But I don't want to alter the core windows setup files. So I tried the method described in DEPLOY.CHM : - create the sub-directory Textmode in the $oem$ directory, - put the driver files in this new directory (Si3112r.sys, SIWinAcc.sys, Si3112r.inf, and TxtSetup.oem, nor the readme.txt neither the SiiSupp.vxd), - Add the following lines in WINNT.SIF : It seems to "work", because I have this message at the textmode setup (mass storage drivers loadind phase, just after the input drivers loading phase) : Here is the txtsetup.oem : This file seems ok to me. Any idea to make it work better ?