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  1. Did you try to boot in safe mode (by hitting F8)? I can't boot into safe mode if Windows isn't installed. The BSOD comes right after all the drivers and files are copie, then it auto-restarts. Its half-way through the installation.
  2. I tried the second method, because it seemed more "fail-safe" in theory: - I copied all the required files into the SATARAID folder - Cranked up nLite using a version of WinXP that I've used numerous times - I selected 'ingegrate drivers' as well as 'create bootable cd' - I added a driver, using the single method, and browsed to the SATARAID folder - Selected the file 'nvraid.inf' and added in the text mode - Just to be safe I tried loading 'nvatabus.inf' to which it told me was already loaded - nlite compiled and then I made the ISO - I booted from the CD, it recognized my RAID so I created the partition and began install Got the BSOD right as the Windows logo loading screen came up, just as before. I am going to try the Legacy only method this time through. My system: AMD 64 Opteron 170 LanParty nF4 SLI-DR (2) 250GB Hitachi Sata 3.0GB/s