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  1. You can find them on Internet Just google for everyone.
  2. Hi! Had same problem but I FIXED!!! So, that's what you need: search for these files: sccbase.dll sccsccp.dll slbcsp.dll slbiop.dll (end, of course, wmasf.dll & wmidx.dll). Copy them ino windows\system32! Run iTunes & enjoy!
  3. new: 'DirectX' WOAH!! Great!! I was waiting for this!! Merry Merry Christmas to you, nuhi. U r always the best!
  4. YEEEEEESSSSS!!!!! I've made it!!! Or better, ehm...., someone else done it for me. I found that the problem is *pheraps* linked to nlite, but I'm not sure. Anyhow, the problem is caused by file Imaadp32.acm, that is missing!!!!! Download it (google) and put it in C:\windows\system32! Et voilà! No need to reinstall or install the game/codecs. Oh, all credits go to him: http://forum.justgamers.de/fear/thread.php?threadid=684&sid Hope this will help someone in the future!
  5. Jeremy, did you solve? I'm in same situation and I tried all the above solution, but no way! If you solved, please, can you tell me how? Thanks!