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  1. Under XP I had a vbs that copied the correct .pbk file with all necessary connection information to All users. Now under 7 this procedure must be changed in order to have this VPN connection visible under 'Dial-Up and VPN' How can I do this. Looked on google but with the wrong words maybe. Tried win7, vpn, unattended, automatically,... but never come on something usefull.
  2. I'm working with OCT and MSP and it works. I made a English standard, French and Dutch. Also I made a Standard 2010 MUI with language packs english, dutch, french. It's all working now. But what I still need is an English 2010 Standard with dutch proofing tools like herunder you can see it isn't there; As you can see there's no "Dutch Proofing Tools" Now I know there's a folder "Proofing.en-us" with In the files setup.xml you can change somethings so maybe I can add the proofing tools that way. I tried and this is my file <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <!--_SIG=LFS5ZJTgTJ4W8VA5J/2iu6798lw6bq5x0NE8JgvPlMncLUDtPZK/zTHPYTpY9z40K3vkNlzfe0BDZZWp6f3A3HRHVXsLNkvMzQOBpgaAkSK0RTbEeGu8dhzZlJtTvcQ1hG3DLKfQ66/CtuCcpqXjSNbNrZqdpDRPIITtCd/x0JM=--> <Setup Id="Proofing.en-us" Type="AddOn" Keyword="Proofing" Culture="en-us"> <Option Id="AlwaysInstalled" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="yes" DisallowAdvertise="yes" Hidden="yes"/> <Option Id="Gimme_OnDemandData" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="yes" DisallowAdvertise="yes" Hidden="yes"/> <Option Id="ProductFiles" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="yes" DisallowAdvertise="no"> <Option Id="SHAREDFiles" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"> <Option Id="ProofingTools" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"> <Option Id="ProofingTools_1033" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"> <Option Id="FindAllWordFormsFiles_1033" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"/> <Option Id="HyphenationFiles_1033" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"/> <Option Id="OCR_1033" DefaultState="Absent" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"> <OptionDependency Lead="DocumentImagingUtils"/> <OptionDependency Lead="OneNoteFiles"/> </Option> <Option Id="SpellingAndGrammarFiles_1033" DefaultState="FollowParent" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"> <OptionDependency Lead="OUTLOOKFiles"/> </Option> <Option Id="ThesaurusFiles_1033" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"/> </Option> <Option Id="ProofingTools_1036" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"> <Option Id="FindAllWordFormsFiles_1036" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"/> <Option Id="HyphenationFiles_1036" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"/> <Option Id="OCR_1036" DefaultState="Absent" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"> <OptionDependency Lead="DocumentImagingUtils"/> <OptionDependency Lead="OneNoteFiles"/> </Option> <Option Id="SpellingAndGrammarFiles_1036" DefaultState="FollowParent" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"> <OptionDependency Lead="OUTLOOKFiles"/> </Option> <Option Id="ThesaurusFiles_1036" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"/> <Option Id="TranslationFiles_1036" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"/> </Option> <Option Id="ProofingTools_3082" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"> <Option Id="FindAllWordFormsFiles_3082" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"/> <Option Id="HyphenationFiles_3082" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"/> <Option Id="OCR_3082" DefaultState="Absent" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"> <OptionDependency Lead="DocumentImagingUtils"/> <OptionDependency Lead="OneNoteFiles"/> </Option> <Option Id="SpellingAndGrammarFiles_3082" DefaultState="FollowParent" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"> <OptionDependency Lead="OUTLOOKFiles"/> </Option> <Option Id="ThesaurusFiles_3082" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"/> <Option Id="TranslationFiles_3082" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"/> </Option> <Option Id="ProofingTools_1031" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"> <Option Id="FindAllWordFormsFiles_1031" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"/> <Option Id="HyphenationFiles_1031" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"/> <Option Id="OCR_1031" DefaultState="Absent" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"> <OptionDependency Lead="DocumentImagingUtils"/> <OptionDependency Lead="OneNoteFiles"/> </Option> <Option Id="SpellingAndGrammarFiles_1031" DefaultState="FollowParent" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"> <OptionDependency Lead="OUTLOOKFiles"/> </Option> <Option Id="ThesaurusFiles_1031" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"/> <Option Id="TranslationFiles_1031" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"/> </Option> <Option Id="ProofingTools_1043" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"> <Option Id="HyphenationFiles_1043" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"/> <Option Id="OCR_1043" DefaultState="Absent" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"> <OptionDependency Lead="DocumentImagingUtils"/> <OptionDependency Lead="OneNoteFiles"/> </Option> <Option Id="SpellingAndGrammarFiles_1043" DefaultState="FollowParent" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"> <OptionDependency Lead="OUTLOOKFiles"/> </Option> <Option Id="ThesaurusFiles_1043" DefaultState="Local" DisallowAbsent="no" DisallowAdvertise="no"/> </Option> </Option> </Option> </Option> <PackageRef Path="Proofing.xml"/> <PackageRef Path="Proof.en\Proof.xml" InstalledPath="..\Proof.en\Proof.xml"/> <PackageRef Path="\Proof.xml" InstalledPath="..\\Proof.xml"/> <PackageRef Path="\Proof.xml" InstalledPath="..\\Proof.xml"/> <PackageRef Path="\Proof.xml" InstalledPath="..\\Proof.xml"/> <PackageRef Path="\Proof.xml" InstalledPath="..\\Proof.xml"/> <LocalCache DownloadCode="{90140000-002C-0409-0000-0000000FF1CE}" SkuComponentDirectory="Proofing.en-us"> <File Id="Proofing.xml" MD5="B649F0B5F538CE6C08B1829B376C2424" Size="811" RelativeCachePath="Proofing.xml" RelativeSourcePath="Proofing.xml"/> <File Id="Proofing.msi" MD5="42826410B0EA0935901A240F7BC88BA2" Size="650240" RelativeCachePath="Proofing.msi" RelativeSourcePath="Proofing.msi"/> <File Id="Proof.en\Proof.xml" MD5="AE78F745D22712E98922C791AB236A79" Size="1347" RelativeCachePath="Proof.en\Proof.xml" RelativeSourcePath="Proof.en\Proof.xml"/> <File Id="Proof.en\Proof.msi" MD5="8DBCFB3BA5B273CBDA729175EE28C7E2" Size="656896" RelativeCachePath="Proof.en\Proof.msi" RelativeSourcePath="Proof.en\Proof.msi"/> <File Id="Proof.en\" MD5="5C8AEC0050D1E19C16361AC4491C72C3" Size="10918653" RelativeCachePath="Proof.en\" RelativeSourcePath="Proof.en\"/> <File Id="\Proof.xml" MD5="CE6C982760F5396907D21337E51A85AE" Size="1458" RelativeCachePath="\Proof.xml" RelativeSourcePath="\Proof.xml"/> <File Id="\Proof.msi" MD5="ECFB202FD60D293DFADFA1FC24935C55" Size="667648" RelativeCachePath="\Proof.msi" RelativeSourcePath="\Proof.msi"/> <File Id="\" MD5="B43263C4682F33069D8BE4B63ACA79F2" Size="20451562" RelativeCachePath="\" RelativeSourcePath="\"/> <File Id="\Proof.xml" MD5="F1AAB00A550F3A96BDFC7CC294131C18" Size="1457" RelativeCachePath="\Proof.xml" RelativeSourcePath="\Proof.xml"/> <File Id="\Proof.msi" MD5="9EA20B6803F30CBB34F6D3AEAAE1845F" Size="663040" RelativeCachePath="\Proof.msi" RelativeSourcePath="\Proof.msi"/> <File Id="\" MD5="75254F3B5ECA0A3DFFC31E380DF430D4" Size="13184516" RelativeCachePath="\" RelativeSourcePath="\"/> <File Id="\Proof.xml" MD5="F3AF7E0398C77ACA6149D3726A120930" Size="1459" RelativeCachePath="\Proof.xml" RelativeSourcePath="\Proof.xml"/> <File Id="\Proof.msi" MD5="E3066C7F1DBB6F97D8078DAC655656A3" Size="663040" RelativeCachePath="\Proof.msi" RelativeSourcePath="\Proof.msi"/> <File Id="\" MD5="E70C7F6828791E670C70897BDAE91E1D" Size="19088870" RelativeCachePath="\" RelativeSourcePath="\"/> <File Id="\Proof.xml" MD5="4A48A92AA8711FE99FFC6BDDAEF921B9" Size="1232" RelativeCachePath="\Proof.xml" RelativeSourcePath="\Proof.xml"/> <File Id="\Proof.msi" MD5="775037F5F9805D1FB9B216A9B47B3406" Size="654848" RelativeCachePath="\Proof.msi" RelativeSourcePath="\Proof.msi"/> <File Id="\" MD5="70FF6BE42B59F4CEAD88CF098EE2F4F9" Size="6578835" RelativeCachePath="\" RelativeSourcePath="\"/> <File Id="Setup.xml" MD5="" Size="" RelativeCachePath="Setup.xml" RelativeSourcePath="Setup.xml"/> </LocalCache> </Setup> But when I open OCT it gives me an error These are the language codes ProofingTools_1031 German ProofingTools_1033 English ProofingTools_1036 French ProofingTools_1043 Dutch ProofingTools_3082 spanish
  3. Nice one Zinthose but this can be used for existing users. It will not copy settings to the default user. I am looking something that also copies to the default user. Every new user logged on would receive the same settings then.
  4. You can find some help here: Thanks myselfidem So to be clear I want 1 Office 2010 (english) install with the extra Dutch language proofing tool pack. French and english are already included into the english version. I don't want 2 separated Config.xml files. 1 for install of 2010 and 1 for the proofing tools cd. I need to build 1 Config.xml that includes the installation of Office 2010 + dutch language. Again, it's not the interface pack but proofing tools kit I want. Is this possible?
  5. It's not MUI that I'm looking for but more the spelling and grammar for Office that you can find in the proofing tools. These are separate folder or
  6. I want to create a Office 2010 install with languages french and dutch inside from the proofing tools cd. Is that possible? Office 2010 is around 1gb and the proofing tools cd also around 1gb so I don't need an installation cd of 2gb. If I just can extract the correct languages and put them into the installation cd.
  7. That is to set it to 'no paging file' but I want it to set System Managed. I'll try to extract it from registry when I set it to system managed manually
  8. Hi guys, I want to set virtual memory page file size option as "system managed size" through whatever script. I have WIM images (made with SCCM) and already installed XP machines that have pagefile set to 2086mb and I want it to set to "System Managed Size". Is this possible? <Edit>(posts merged by Moderator) I already found something but only works for the current user: @echo off attrib -H "%SYSTEMDRIVE%Documents and SettingsDefault UserNTUSER.DAT" copy "%SYSTEMDRIVE%Documents and SettingsDefault UserNTUSER.DAT" "%SYSTEMDRIVE%Documents and SettingsDefault UserNTUSER.DAT.BAK" attrib +H "%SYSTEMDRIVE%Documents and SettingsDefault UserNTUSER.DAT" attrib +H "%SYSTEMDRIVE%Documents and SettingsDefault UserNTUSER.DAT.BAK" REG LOAD HKEY_USERS.Default_User "%SYSTEMDRIVE%Documents and SettingsDefault UserNTUSER.DAT" REGEDIT /S regional_uk.reg REG UNLOAD HKEY_USERS.Default_User EXIT It comes from What it is supposed to do is copying all registry to default user which is the base user everybody begins with it. And the "regional_uk.reg" in the same folder is this; Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelInternational] "iCountry"="44" "iCurrDigits"="2" "iCurrency"="1" "iDate"="1" "iDigits"="2" "iLZero"="1" "iMeasure"="0" "iNegCurr"="5" "iTime"="1" "iTLZero"="1" "Locale"="00000809" "s1159"="" "s2359"="" "sCountry"="United Kingdom" "sCurrency"="€" "sDate"="/" "sDecimal"="." "sLanguage"="ENG" "sList"="," "sLongDate"="dd MMMM yyyy" "sShortDate"="dd/MM/yyyy" "sThousand"="." "sTime"=":" "sTimeFormat"="HH:mm:ss" "iTimePrefix"="1" "sMonDecimalSep"="." "sMonThousandSep"="." "iNegNumber"="1" "sNativeDigits"="0123456789" "NumShape"="1" "iCalendarType"="1" "iFirstDayOfWeek"="0" "iFirstWeekOfYear"="0" "sGrouping"="3;0" "sMonGrouping"="3;0" "sPositiveSign"="" "sNegativeSign"="-" [HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelInternationalGeo] "Nation"="21" [HKEY_CURRENT_USERKeyboard Layout] [HKEY_CURRENT_USERKeyboard LayoutIMEtoggle] [HKEY_CURRENT_USERKeyboard LayoutIMEtogglescancode] [HKEY_CURRENT_USERKeyboard LayoutPreload] "1"="00000809" [HKEY_CURRENT_USERKeyboard LayoutSubstitutes] "00000809"="00000813" [HKEY_CURRENT_USERKeyboard LayoutToggle] "Hotkey"="1" "Language Hotkey"="3" "Layout Hotkey"="3"
  9. It's working if I give a path to the settings.ini but now he say that Firefox is installed and if he must install a codec for it too. How to not get that screen? Also, is there a veriable path that we can give for the settings.ini? If my line is ACEMCP603PRO.exe /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART /SP- ==> works but with AV screen ACEMCP603PRO.exe /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART /SP /LOADINF=settings.inf ==> works but with AV screen ACEMCP603PRO.exe /LOADINF=settings.inf /nocancel /silent /S" /f /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES ==> works but with AV screen ACEMCP603PRO.exe /LOADINF="C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Ace codecs\settings.inf" /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES ==> no AV screen but asks me to confirm for installation of firefox codec So when I don't set the full path to settings.inf he refuses to install it like he should. Is just installing the default pro version with AV scan :'(
  10. Can someone tell me what version de latest Windows update agent is ? Thanks
  11. First useful tips, thanks!
  12. Yes I know, nLite can strip an xp install like hell but I want to do it manually
  13. I would like not to use nLite for doing those things. I made some xp installs for computers at home and they don't perform as I want and like gamehead said:"you cannot use it for commercial use" Anybody?
  14. There are tons of tutorials that explains how to install xp unattended but where can we find some info what we can delete in order to have an image as little as it is possible? The image must be used in a business so things Movie Maker can be deleted. Network support on the other hand is crucial Have anybody done this before and can give some info on this?