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  1. Hi In my case i forgot to put 3 more files to my PE image, that was the cause for my lsass error. When i launched the soft who makes the PE image, it told me about 3 files error, so i put them manualy on the image disk. I can't remeber wich files that was. Gonna check it up. As for the WinPE with .NET framework i found a good one. And it worked without problems for me... http://www.colinfinck.de PS. Sorry for the long wait, i was on vacation....
  2. Yop, i'm working on it gonna make .net framework 2.0 work on pe, i need it absolutly ^^ if someone got it before, please post, thanks Later...
  3. Ok i found out how to make it work little probleme with my pe image ^^ So i got my winpe working but i can't use any of my tools all coded in c#. How do i put the .net framework to winpe ? Has anyone tried this ? If so please help me. I'm really a pain am i not ?
  4. Hi, i'm a little new to this but i realy need your help. I'm working as an oembuilder and i got to need winpe to preinstall the pc. The probleme is that my winpe boot cd hangs at startup. I got the blue wallpaper and then it makes an LSASS.EXE 0xc0000142 error and reboots. I looked all over your forum but didn't found any solution for my case. I used a corporate xp sp2 cd as a base for my pe build and i use the latest sp2 opk. Thanks for your quick answer. Faenoli