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  1. Correction: You still need 6.70 drivers and 6.69 IDE drivers. The server is able to be loaded but I have no IDE devices.
  2. Thanks for the fast reply. This is what I have found out. I downloaded the Nvidia professional driver from the offcial website which claimed to be 32 bit driver but actually is , I believe, a 64 bit version. Then the mistake of mine is not using a fresh OS copy every time. What I assumed to be new driver still contains the contamined contents from the first try and failed with the same error. Two things learned: 1. Always use a fresh OS copy every time a new driver is tested. 2. The 6.69 SATARAID driver itself is good enough (in my case) . No need to copy the 6.70 files nor the IDE files. Thanks.
  3. Dear Fernando 1: Thanks for your excellent instructions and the nlite prgram that I had succesfully installed the Windows 2003 Server 64bit version on the SATA RAID of our SUN FIRE X2100 server few months ago. Unfortunately, there are some incompatibities between the OS and the apps we try to use (Cold Fusion and Crystal Report 8.0), I am forced to wipe out the whole server and start installing 32 bit version of Windows Server 2003 first. This time I am hitting the wall. With quite a few CDs already with different driver (6.69, 6.70, mixed), I always get to the same "The file nvrdx64.sys is corrupted" error. What is this file doing here any way? I am installing the 32 bit version. Please help. Thanks you very much.