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  1. is there really no other way, like in office2k7 where I just put updates in a folder. I don't wanna integrate or slipstream the language packs. Hmm...
  2. Hi, I want to put a few language packs on the Windows 7 DVD so that i can choose during the installation which language I want to install. Where do I've to put the cab files? thx
  3. anybody got a link or the new polish version? thx
  4. German Version: WindowsXP-KB905474-DEU-x86
  5. After performing chkdsk at startup I recognized that the content of my systemdrive appears now on my desktop. the complete structure of my documents seems completely f***ed up. System: Xp-Sp3 on NTFS with latest updates How can i get rid of this? system restore doesn't work! any conclusion? thx
  6. Nothing, during the setup when it says press F6 just press F10 and a few seconds later you are in the Recovery Console of your unattended CD