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  1. I think this is what you want!! WAIK Scroll down to the speedyshare downloads posted anonymous user
  2. so where do put the wp folder
  3. I used to ue WPI many years ago on my XP machine which worked well Now I have Vista I seem to a problem installing WPI on this new machine. The steps I've gone through are, 1. Downloaded WPI and the OEM setup and placed both in the source directory of the Vista source. 2.Used Sun VM Virtual box to test, but always get a cant find wpi error. 3.Tried moving the WPI folder around in the source directory, but it still ends up in the Windows directory on the harddrive when installed with the same error. By the way , using vlite to make the ISO no changes in the structure. Just wondering if someone could put me on the right track. Thanks in advance!!¬
  4. I,m in the middle making my latest UADVD, and would just like to say thanks to Rado354 for the time and effort they have put into these addons!! Thanks again and keep up the good work.
  5. There is a silent install version at,7788.0.htmHope this helps