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  1. hmmm.. well i swaped the HD and but I don't understand how could the drive format ok and still be bad ? especially WinXp formats the drive and then check its ok hmm..
  2. boot order is correct watched the install process and it is give the problem when the PC tries to reboot after transfering the the files to the hard drive redownloaded uSP5.1 - checked the hash ,Made a couple more CDs , no joy I tryied the original genuine Win2k cd same thing try a Xp CD got this stop error when rebooting after files transfer Must be broken HDD ?? do you think ??
  3. I have tryed to slipstream uSP5.1 onto OEM Win2k SP0 with nLite it installed (Ithink -Ididnt watch it) on reboot I get this : and things stop . Is the ' j ' and error code ..What's it mean? thanks [edit] when no CD in drive : and booting sequence stops