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  1. I think uve confused the setup proggie. Make b: the ramdisk. Kev
  2. OK. (Best Shakespearean voice)..My approach is thus:- Do a search for ramdrive.sys, and setparam.exe. Setparam was on NT Res Kit I believe. If not I can send u them. Setup dos boot disk as normal with a ramdrive of 1 or 2 megs. U r gonna stick ur unattended file in here. I've found that floppies these days aren't as tough as the old days. 2 much reading and writing mashes them. Keep a semi-populated unattended file on the floppy which is gonna be copied to the ram drive. Include things like all the necessary labels and stuff but leave out the bits u wanna change. eg. Mine kinda looks like this. ;SetupMgrTag ; ;Kev da Butcher [Data] Autopartition=1 blah [unattended] blah [userData] ProductID=12345-67890- blah FullName= OrgName= ComputerName= So basically, any areas that u wanna input urself get left blank. Then in ur autoexec.bat u call a:\dos\ usrname=ask Type in User Name This stores the name as a variable which u access by- a:\dos\setparam %ramdrv%\unattend.txt UserData FullName %usrname% And u repeat this for any values u want to append. eg. say u want to add to domain: a:\dos\ domname=ask Enter Domain Name a:\dos\setparam %ramdrv%\unattend.txt Identification JoinDomain %domname% Then of course winnt /u:%ramdrv%\unattend.txt /s:cdrom:\i386 I've used this technique to create massive monster unattends that include different settings for NT, 2K, XP and Server 2K3 using static ip, dhcp, and all the other bits the unattend can control. Kev
  3. Soory about the questions. Just 1 more. Really!! The command prompt way isn't much different, just adds a tiny amount of extra time. Is this a problem? My unattended approach means u could get everything done with no rebooting and only removal of floppy once. If the drive isn't formatted or anything it would mean just 1 reboot and 1 floppy removal. Slightly more scripting initially but way easier to put ur feet up after. Kev
  4. Easy life! Heheh. 1 more question. Y do u need 2 reboot? Kev
  5. Okie. Just had a quick browse thru ur request and I'm tired so I might be answering a completely different question!! :-)) Just wanna check a few details. 1. Will the drive ure installing on already be prepared? eg. fdisk'd or formatted. 2. Is there space on ur floppy for a few tools? maybe 100k 3. Why do u have to take out the floppy and put it back in? Kev Kev
  6. Heya guys, Just some advice. Read the thread on reducing source files for XP. Has anyone got any tips for reducing source files for 2000, NT or any of the others (MS shizz). Kev