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  1. To change the image it begins them during the setup? Thank.
  2. Thank, in fact not e' clearly much good. I have put for default dvdrom: D, and in fact works <path>D:\source\install.wim</path> Then I have eliminated from the list, only leaving ULTIMATE, and when I make to leave setup me it appears in only the videata one ULTIMATE. It does not only install automatically, but if I press next . Gia' I had read in the guide to use: <wim> </wim> but I was not much sure one, hour I try to us and we see that it happens . Thank and good year !!!!
  3. During the setup, to the choice of the image as I can enable the commando next in autounattended.xml ? <ImageInstall> <OSImage> <WillShowUI>Always</WillShowUI> <InstallFrom> <Path>:\sources\install.wim</Path> <MetaData wcm:action="add"> <Key>4</Key> <Value>Windows Vista ULTIMATE</Value> </MetaData> </InstallFrom> </OSImage> </ImageInstall> How I can activate the command next ? Thank very much.
  4. Thank....in fact my problem e' that one to make to execute rows, reg. After to have created: the rows .reg come copied in myshare, but it does not come executed. Hour one what I have not understood: My account it's Administrator, I must write: Thanks many for your aid !!!
  5. Thank maxXPsoft....very much !!!!!
  6. Thank, I have made to you thus. I have created $OEM$ and inserted within the direcroty new…. Don't work and after setup the directory C:\new it does not come copied .
  7. Hello !!! Martin in order not to change every it turns the permissions : otherwise I could use : and: but I would want modify in autounattend.xml Thank you Martin
  8. E' true, I must find other solution ....thank !!
  9. Thank you, I try to us!
  10. From the guide waik law that seen supports these directory: In order to make this we must create one DATA IMAGE Don't work, how I can make?
  11. Thank you, very much.
  12. In the Autounattend.xml as we can insert the RunOnce and start setup, where to copy RunOnce so that it comes executed? Thank !