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  1. No real interface that I am aware of. At least, not in the physical sense like we see in movies. Hololens can do things like that, but the visual is only inside the headset, although that video can be output... since that is how they demonstrated it live. It is still not something that exists in the real world space, that anyone can see.
  2. Its hard to find this, seems to be that 06913 is en-US and 06914 is en-GB, or en-US for Europe.
  3. 2 Users from UK have reported that Paypal sends them to a Danish version of the donation page.
  4. satosi has indicated that this issue is specifically referring to donating to Aeroglass and not to MSFN. Moving topic.
  5. The memory address looks to be "out of bounds" so there is no way to have less physical memory in the system?
  6. In most cases, I see this message due to a delay in explorer. Such as if I were to create a folder called "New Folder" then rename it and save a file into it, Explorer will sometimes give me an error of "can't find new folder" even though the folder has been renamed and I chose that name to save into. So there is this to remember, whatever it is causes this situation, can have some possible relation to other issues. First need to know where this folder is that is having the problem. There are these types of locations: - Root of C - In protected location (Program Files, Windows, System32, etc) - In a profile (any public folder in C:\Users\account such as Desktop, Documents, etc) - On removable media - Network location - Other physical non-removable disk. For testing, we would want to have this on a hard drive, not in a profile, root or protected location to start. And then see if Explorer can rename it or not. It would be good to know if Explorer has this problem with folders in certain places and not others. If Explorer cannot rename the folder (for each location tested) you also want to try to do a rename with the command prompt.
  7. Try using another browser or computer if you can. I know on some sites I have some problem getting redirected to proper sites (for example when I go to steam, it is in Polish) but it is just one browser for me and others do not have the problem.
  8. I think there needs to be some re-wording, of the "privacy" industry as a whole. Microsoft is not protecting your privacy because it is viewing and saving everything. What they are talking about is to protect against OTHER people or firms from seeing your history. In a real world situation, it would be relatable to an agreement with a security company... say you have your home set up with cameras in every room (including the bathroom and under your covers), the security monitoring company would say it would not share your data with other people. But truly, there is no privacy in that situation.
  9. Re not making the dmp files, what does your virtual memory settings look like? I have a Embedded system that when it BSOD it says it is writing the dmp file, but doesn't because the pagefile is disabled/vm set to 0.
  10. Is this about Aeroglass Producer Bigmuscle or MSFN?
  11. How, exactly, does that look anything like Windows 7? Maybe they were referring to something not in the screenshot. For Outlook, I would never use app version or .exe version. It has been many years since I used an actual email client. It is much safer to use web based in comparison. But that Outlook has a lot of extra space in it.
  12. Retail and OEM System Builder can still be sold because they are physical items. A company can sell them with no issue. What they cannot do is offer for sale a new computer and have Windows 7 pre-installed on it. There are ways around it, if you are a VAR/SB you can sell a person a computer with blank hard drive, and then also sell them a System Builder Win7 and ask if they want it to be installed for them. Sure, this is ok, as it is post-sale favors.
  13. We have the ability to reduce fraud in the US now, but it isn't being used. It was introduced, some time last year, with a big push to have chip readers. This is said to combat against people who could clone magnetic strips, but the implementation is not being used properly. This is a proper 2FA type system but the credit card companies are only using it for one factor vs the other. Now it is they either read the strip or read the chip (neither of which are secure) but it should be reading from both. I think I'd rather see the current technology used properly first before seeing if we need to roll out even newer things.
  14. Clairification, I had only checked US distribution, I checked specifically the Windows 7 Pro SP1 en-US, 6x disty with a total around 10,000. That number would not include places like Amazon, as they are not something I can find out about, or any other retailer/VAR type place. And it is true, once disty runs out, you are then only left with what is in the secondary market.
  15. Oh so your intention is to run the Emsisoft and have Defender off, but Defender becomes enabled on its own after a while?