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  1. Adobe to Pull Plug on Flash

    Flash was too innocent when it came into being, or after its separation from Shockwave. Macromedia had put in the ability to not only have local file access but their own scripting language. Once this happened, Flash became a problem. Macromedia did remove the local file access in SWF but not Projector. Then they removed it from Projector in the MX 2004 version. (Projector was the ability to compile an .exe from your Flash movie. I would put it on the same terms as what an HTA is to HTML/ASP.) Then later they removed Projector. They never did remove ActionScript, and this was the main issue with Flash. Since the SWF was compiled, it hid what script it had inside of it. The SWF could be decompiled but not on the fly in a browser or at runtime. People even figured out how to code it so the SWF couldn't be decompiled properly. It became pretty much void that Adobe could not remove the ActionScript from Flash and only would continue to patch it to fix exploits or other bugs. The writing was on the wall and it was already a dead product for many years now. The problem was that it was the best at certain things up until just recently. While there had been many ways to provide fancy graphics or do video playback, there was nothing better than it functionality wise. Things are a lot different now that HTML5 is defacto staying around and is proven enough to take over that responsibility from Flash. So now Flash can go away. I do not know how the Wii or iPod works, but Flash won't stop immediately. Anything that runs on projector or local files would still work. SWF that is linked to embedded SWF would still work, providing the files are still on the server. Same for anything else it links into, such as images, XML/flatfiles or a database. I'm sure that there will still be extensions for browsers that allow Flash content to work, it is just that Flash will no longer be maintained. Big websites that keep up with trends won't use it anymore, but if your browser still supports it and you go to a site that has it, it will still work.
  2. Adobe to Pull Plug on Flash

    That is the wrong term. Planned Obsolescence is when a product is created with the plan baked in from the get-go that it will become unusable at some point. So this can't really be applicable to Adobe since it was not them who even made Flash in the first place.
  3. Asus Zenfone 4 (Will it be best Zenfone series?)

    Only until the next one comes out. Also why would Asus decide to name their new phone for 2017, "ZenFone 4" which was also a name of one of their phones from 2014?
  4. driver problem in canon

    Fortunately, Canon still has a website: https://www.canon-europe.com/support/consumer_products/products/fax__multifunctionals/inkjet/pixma_mp_series/pixma_mp230.aspx?type=drivers&language=EN&os=WINDOWS 7 (32-bit)
  5. I should have four-five notebooks but I can only find two at the moment. Compaq LTE 5150 Compaq Armada 1592DMT I know I have a more "modern" Armada somewhere. I did used to have an Elite LTE 440/CX (my notebook from college) but it went underwater. I am not 100% certain, but the HDD from the LTE 440 might be in the LTE 5150. Alas that 440 went into the trash. I also believe a Toshiba Tecra was lost to the same fate. The only one I had kept that went underwater was a GRiD 1520. I've been meaning to do a proper PC part inventory and I hope to find those other systems then.
  6. Installing XP on new motherboards.

    Need to know what the STOP code is, not speculation about what it is. You should still be able to disable the automatic restart on system failure, even on an install, using F8 menu. This will make it so the error remains on the screen until you manually shutdown or reboot the system.
  7. Installing XP on new motherboards.

    @Roffen took the text from your (edited) duplicate topic and put into your post on this topic. Deleted the duplicate topic.
  8. Windows XP Spotter (the club)

    I was at a gas station on Saturday and saw that the ATM screen was showing that Windows XP was shutting down.
  9. Anyone heared of music-zoom?

    I still have some feeling that the ability to get music from Youtube isn't as "legal" as these websites indicate.
  10. Newbie here

    Welcome to the MSFN!
  11. 2 TiB limit size in MBR hard drives

    Yes I had moved the INFs to different folders because it specifically says to use one vs the other depending on the controller. So I moved the H to a different folder so Windows could only pick the INF I wanted. So since this is a "VIA SATA RAID" controller, I didn't want Windows to try to use the uata_xph.inf so I took it out of the folder. direct link: http://i.imgur.com/IQoS5Wkl.jpg FWIW, I did also try to use the xph driver on there, but it added about 6 flagged devices and all of them had the "not enough free resources" message in device properties.
  12. 2 TiB limit size in MBR hard drives

    Ok for this one, I followed the instruction to update the VIA SATA RAID controller device in Device manager and browsed to the folder that only has uataxp.inf in it. It did not change the VIA device but instead put a flagged device into Other devices. I then installed the driver for that, and now under System there is a UATA Virtual Communication Device. That driver is in the root of the Release folder of the driver download. The instructions do not mention having to install this device. This particular computer does have the IDE controller also, but the only thing connected to it is a DVD drive. Now having rebooted with this UATA driver installed, it doesn't seem to make any difference. It still shows the inaccessible drive (now E) in My Computer, and the same "healthy" extent sized volume in Disk Management.
  13. 2 TiB limit size in MBR hard drives

    I am now to another board now. I had also tired to use an ECS board but I couldn't activate XP. So now I am on an MSI PM8PM-V. It has the same issue in IDE mode with the Microsoft driver, the VIA IDE driver and the VIA RAID driver, as downloaded from MSI's website. For RAID, I have it just in JBOD, but the VIA Tool program opens and shows this information about the disk: I will try that UNIATA thing out. Regarding the XP OS, I can easily reimage it without an issue.
  14. 2 TiB limit size in MBR hard drives

    Same result with Intel D2700MUD.
  15. 2 TiB limit size in MBR hard drives

    Ok there are some other old systems here currently I can test XP on.