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  1. The original upgrading software.
  2. I have not been able to see either of those processes running in Task Manager in these scenarios: - Pro 1511, Audit Mode, no internet connection - Pro 1511, local user, no internet connection, not activated - Pro 1511, local user, internet connection, not activated I can try 1607, but I can't do a test with a system activated right now.
  3. Consider this. It is a program that can be used to do an upgrade install of your OS. Just imagine that as a malware attack vector.
  4. I will try that out tomorrow and see if it matters. The system I had checked is a custom image, who knows what the client changed. I can check on a fresh install too. What OS versions are you seeing this on?
  5. Dencorso's link mentions FindFast, the first thing I thought of when seeing this topic title. I remember having that issue on Win9x/NT4 systems.
  6. I went to check a Win10 system I have here, it does not have either of those processes running.
  7. Sorry 143 days. Anyways, I doubt you will be able to find a real world computer to use as a comparison to yours. Everything I said before still stands, it is not the fault of the OS.
  8. I knew I remembered this topic or a topic like it existed. I was just checking my system uptime and... well I see that the two sets of numbers do not seem to match up. I wonder if one could be wrong, or if there is a roll-over on the Days counter on the Performance tab... System Idle Process hours 13636 (568 days) vs Uptime in Performance tab: 143 days.
  9. You didn't. I used an example and you make it sound like that is all this PC is used for. In fact, I have found this PC has been on without a restart for nearly a year prior to stopping to use it to play games.
  10. Well when I am not home, it doesn't need to be doing anything. How are we supposed to compare computers? Do I need to post a list of installed programs? Why would it matter? No it isn't just being used for reminders. What is it that your computer is doing when you are not home?
  11. I see my install as Feb 20, 2010. It is 32bit. It is my main computer as far as productivity goes. I no longer play games on it, made a new computer for that and it is 64bit. It is on 24/7 as long as there is power. I use it as a way to communicate with myself by way of AOL. Using 2 accounts I can IM myself things to look at later, send reminders to do things. Also able to verify the status of things in my home... basically if my other AOL account is signed in, it means I have power and internet. Of course, I realise that every computer is different and everyone uses them differently. I often see people say things like how Windows will corrupt itself, or get slow after too much time and you need to reinstall. This simply isn't true. All it shows is that a person is not using their computer properly, and are in a repeating pattern of this bad behaviour which results in their needing to reinstall often. People also often tend to ignore the little things their OS may do, the warning signs of something coming down the road. And they do this until the thing becomes unusable. If you ever helped a friend or family with their computer, usually you find they wait until the thing is totally broken before they do something about it. In my experience, my most common cause for an issue is hardware related. If I am to install a program and it does not work properly, or causes some problem and I cannot find a way to resolve it, I don't use it. I only keep things installed that have some use. I do not update unless it is required for operation (and no alternative can be found) or for a security related issue that can actually impact me personally. I do not use websites or portions of websites that require me to sacrifice my browser's security (and thus my OS) ever, and I use different browsers for different services and purposes. That is probably the best way I can put it.
  12. I've had no problems. I run a Win7 Pro x86 with no antivirus (MSSE barely counts) daily with no major issues or need for reinstall or system restore. Of course, on all my PCs my browsers run with scripting disabled by default. Windows 8 and 10 are designed to be online. Even the Embedded versions need an internet connection at some point.
  13. Welcome to the MSFN!
  14. Was it ever tested to find out whether or not all installs of Office 365 on Windows 7 does this?
  15. What happens for me, is that the clicking the next page bring the page back to the top, then refreshes the page automatically.