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  1. Yes you are correct. While it should be so simple as what Dencorso said, in reality the post editor does not behave that way. It should work like the one on the Technet forum, but even it shares other quirks such as trying to make everything you typed into a link. But even so, it seems the text as it appears in the editor box is fine, keeping in single space. Yet the text as it appears is somewhere between single spaced and double spaced (shift+enter vs enter).
  2. I doubt this would happen.
  4. TVs in the garbage. ;_;
  5. Windows 10 does not remove the pre-existing partitions when an upgrade is done, it just removes the BCD entries to be able to boot it. The 30 days thing, is only relating to the uninstall option that appears in the Recovery page on Windows 10. A user who had upgraded to Windows 10 at the last minute, then got the anniversary update, would have seen that option disappear anyways. There was a case with Windows 8.1 update from 8.0, on MBR disk, it would over-write the recovery "boot" partition, but it would leave the recovery image partition alone. In EFI scenario, the update would make a second recovery partition instead, leaving both original recovery partitions alone.
  6. FFAStrans comes with all the licenses already, I haven't checked your download but you would need to make sure yours has those as well. Is there a reason why you have not posted this to their forum? It may be something that they are interested in as well.
  7. TOR has not been "Safe" for many years. I've always seen it as a "use at your own risk" type of system.
  8. I take it that you initiated the install from the Office365 portal? Also do you know what the version of Office is that you are trying to install?
  9. For some reason your post reminds me of this guy: What is funny is that while it may be possible to do all sorts of things in a motion/voice based system (and surely more in the future) you can be assured that whoever made that environment spent hours on a keyboard!
  10. Removed links to files. Please see forum rules, 1b in particular.
  11. Many people skip releases. History is repeating. The same thing when people skipped Vista and went from XP to 7 is people who skipped 8 and went from 7 to 10. What they miss are the changes in those skipped OSes. I see it from the other side, companies that want to do something with their new OS, and you have to say "oh but no, it doesn't work like that anymore" and then they ask, when did that happen? You can honestly say "years ago" in that version of Windows that they skipped.
  12. Is your server setup up with dynamic or static IPs?
  13. Search the registry for the GUID, may help narrow it down.
  14. I had to get clarification. MS like to release things without documentation. The thing I downloaded was an update to 14393 and doesn't do anything substantial to 10586. So again, to use 14393 in manufacturing, I have to totally start over AGAIN with a new set of images!
  15. I think I misunderstood Kel's post. Anyways, moving this to vLite section...