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  1. There is LTSB for Embedded and also for companies.
  2. Buy the memory for your board, not for the memory type.
  3. There are two LTSB Win10 but I think both are out of reach for a regular user. There is the LTSB Enterprise, and then there is LTSB IoT Enterprise, which is the same really but is an Embedded SKU.
  4. It is likely not simply an ownership issue, I wouldn't be surprised if the file is locked/open by a process. I would run ProcMon and search for that file to see if it is open. And if so then you should be able to close the handle. That will then allow you do delete it.
  5. The "Blue screen" I think we should not use this term to describe the background color seen during boot or shutdown. An old co-worker referred to this as "The Azure Screen of Indifference" in Windows 2000.
  6. Their picture shows the retail box for the Upgrade edition.
  7. Do you have any software installed that can make changes to how Windows appearance works, anything that adds transparency, start menu replacer or add skins to the UI?
  8. So it is an improved version of the Turbo button.
  9. How strict are the browsers you are using? I recall old versions of IE (and others) were more strict on HTML than newer ones are. For example, I went to one KB page and found that there is an error with the Body tag, specifically: "End tag for body seen, but there were unclosed elements" which would make me believe that on a browser that actually following the rules of HTML that the page would not display or display properly. The robots.txt mentioned, is that also what is interfering with being able to view a KB page in Google Translate? Bing Translator won't do it either because it doesn't support secure pages.
  10. What about It is a few extra clicks tho.
  11. It looks like Lenovo only cert this tablet for 32bit Windows 8.1. The Windows 8.1 driver would be the best bet, but it also seems this tablet might be a Compal underneath. Drivers are all available, even "Jazz Fighter" whatever that is. and Software|Drivers and Software&beta=false
  12. Well you don't say what the tablet is.
  13. I remember a time when birds used to live inside of empty DVD-ROM drives...
  14. Anytime I have to do installs on a tablet, I use a powered USB hub so that I can have the keyboard and mouse connected as well as the install media.
  15. I only found this on Symantec's FTP: Look on Ebay, there is a bunch of options there for really cheap.