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  1. I think it still only will do one file at a time.
  2. Malwarebytes antivirus

    Yes let's be honest here. The best practices from the 90s are the same as today. All the things you weren't supposed to do in the workplace still apply to now. There are no new attack vectors from back then. People downloading and running attachments from emails, people replying to social engineering (fake/phishing) emails, people going to porn and warez websites, people downloading things from the internet, these are all the same things from back then. So let's be honest that not everyone who uses a computer now had used one back then. Let's then just go back 5 years. People using a computer on the internet for 5 years or more should be fully aware of these vectors by now and not be fooled by them. But that is not the case. All the things we are reading about online of people getting hacked, or ransomeware or whatever else isn't because it is only new users or children are using the computers. In most cases these are adults who have been using computers for years. It is this mentality of the users that causes companies to treat their users like children. Always finding ways of stopping their users from installing programs, or going to certain websites, or coming up with plans on how to deal with them. Some of these corporate end people have even created threads here on that subject, like "I have a user that keeps doing this one thing, what program can I use to stop them from doing it." That is not the correct way to handle that type of situation, but it is the same side of the coin because the irresponsibility is being shared between both parts. Think about it like this. How many people do you know that constantly have to reinstall their OS or keep getting viruses over the years? That is the problem. They are continuing a bad pattern and not adjusting their behaviours so that it doesn't happen again. But instead of changing behaviours or trying to understand what they are doing, people will often just change their antivirus program, or use a different browser, or get a new computer with a different OS on it and then continue to do the same things. But we live in this world and it is accepted for people to not care about computers in such a way, or that if they have a problem on their computer that they caused then there is nothing they can do about it. Or corporations must treat their employees like children, or that it is OK to pay for a program you probably don't need because you "don't know how to computer" or whatever else. This is "the norm" and has been this way for a long time.
  3. Download source for mscomctl.ocx ?

    It is likely this one, Visual Basic 6 Common Controls. It indicates that the program you have was written for XP or earlier OS. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=10019 The system requirements do not even list Windows 7. I don't know if the software will actually install. The file just needs to be in System32 OR (more responsibly) in the working dir of the .exe you are trying to run.

  5. Malwarebytes antivirus

    There is no incorrect answer when an opinion is asked. I have nothing against Malwarebytes itself. I use it as-needed if I suspect that something wrong is on the system, but I do not use it for active protection. When it comes to active protection of anything, I see it as a last line of defense and if I am to choose anything (Malwarebytes or anything else) then the ultimate deciding factor for me is how it taxes the system. The one that takes up the least amount of resources is the one that I would let run as active protection.
  6. Malwarebytes antivirus

    I don't understand why people would rather pay for an antivirus rather than play it safe on the internet.
  7. A question about Previous Versions

    Could it be for named pipes? https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh125927(v=ws.10).aspx#BKMK_workstation
  8. Boot issues with Windows 10 PE

    I recall not liking how the ADK could write directly to USB, so I have never done this. What I do instead is just format the USB as FAT32 and then copy all the files from c:\winpe_dir\media to the root of the USB. Also, make sure you use the boot menu on your hardware to verify which boot method you are choosing because you can't let the system pick on its own.
  9. Blue Screens around the world

    More: http://walyou.com/worldwide-places-hit-by-the-blue-screen-of-death/
  10. Blue Screens around the world

    There is no story about this one:
  11. Install XP from winPE?

    Yes there was a particular problem on 100Mb networks that I encountered... but I can say (in my experience) it had nothing to due with 100Mb connections. In fact, your imaging time is maybe only increase 10-20% on a 100Mb connection. And also I will consider a *normal* (maximum) image size to be around 6GB. And unless you are running a pure 100Mb segment, I would recommend using hardware that support Link Aggregation so to not slow down gigabit connections.
  12. Yes this way is possible. On your old phone, you transfer your contacts to Gmail, then on new phone you just sync your Gmail. There are problems with this for some phones, where phone based contacts and those that came from Gmail are in separate sections. I recall this was how I got my contacts moved from Galaxy S to Galaxy S 4, because the old program I used before couldn't see into the S4 properly. So it is a bit annoying on the new phone that the default Contacts list only will show the contacts added into the phone directly, while the imported ones do not show up in the main list, but can be seen in "Unsorted" and others in other categories. They can all be found using search.
  13. Bat to check for win10 ver 64 bit or 32bit plus add

    It is the yes in a normal world. However in this UEFI world, things are a bit more complicated. The part I posted is still true, but with UEFI we have this: 1. 32bit CPU with UEFI that allows booting 32bit EFI applications 2. 64bit CPU with UEFI that allows booting 32bit EFI applications 3. 64bit CPU with UEFI that allows booting 64bit EFI applications 4. 64bit CPU with UEFI that allows booting 32bit and/or 64bit EFI applications 5. 64bit CPU with UEFI that allows booting 32bit and/or 64bit EFI applications under special circumstances I almost forgot about the board I once worked with that fell into 2, 3 and 5 of that list on different BIOS versions. The underlying facts still remain that in any case a 64bit CPU can run either architecture, but a 32bit CPU can't run 64bit but could run 16bit. And I think a 64bit CPU could run 16bit also.... There was news recently that Intel says they are going to get rid of CSM or the ability to boot legacy OS on their boards, by 2018 or 2019. I surmise this means that those future chipsets will only be able to boot EFI applications on GPT. I wonder what this means for DOS. :'(
  14. Install XP from winPE?

    Back then XP was still a current product, we (my company) opted to go with imaging rather than using any sort of unattended setup like with WDS or from CD+network share because imaging was just faster. You only have some initial setup time for creating the image itself, which does not get figured into manufacturing time. Then when you can image a system in 4 minutes, it can be a big deal when you are talking about needing to image hundreds of systems. WDS and CD installs just did not cut it.
  15. Shebab's post (and others) removed due to spam.
  16. AOL Instant Messenger 4.8 no longer connects

    Yes originally it was just an program that could connect to multiple IM servers, but (at least) when their Astra version came out, they added a Trillian account and some unspecified time later (unknown to me) they made it so you could use Trillian exclusively to IM without any of the 3rd party IM servers.
  17. Bat to check for win10 ver 64 bit or 32bit plus add

    There are flaws to this method of detection, unless this cmd is to used in a controlled environment. The reason being is that you can install a 32bit OS on a computer with a 64bit processor. All we know for a fact is that: 1. a 32bit CPU can only have 32bit Windows installed 2. a 64bit CPU can have 32bit or 64bit Windows installed Also the presence of a Syswow64 folder is not good because it can be created on a 32bit OS (but serve no purpose) OR can be created by misbehaving installers/programs! You'd think if you wanted to find the architecture of the OS, you would only need to read a value relating specifically to that and not some other things that only might be correct most of the time. Instead, you can read out of WMI to find this info, or parse the output of WMIC. This will work from Vista and newer OS: wmic os get osarchitecture It reads from the Win32_OperatingSystem class: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa394239(v=vs.85).aspx
  18. Firefox Quantum

    I got the push for Firefox Quantum today and already I don't like it. - It still supports themes (as per the settings gizmo) but any old themes look like crap. When I try to get some new themes (there is a link in the settings panel) the page loads up and is all blank. - Bookmark folders are no longer displayed in the main menu. I had all my bookmarks organized into folders, and if you look into the Bookmark section (Library is now the main area) it only shows the recent bookmarks. The only way to view your folders is to make a few extra clicks to show the Bookmarks Sidebar. - All of my add-ons are gone except Web Developer. It would be really nice that an automatic upgrade would come up and check your add-ons, and if any were not compatible, then ask the user if they want to upgrade. Because there are some situations where a person may not want to use the new version without some things. I can live without my translation add-on, but the loss of the security add-ons are the equivalent of deciding to uninstall my antivirus. It may end up being that I will kick Firefox to the curb and move into Pale Moon (I have that on other computers) if this keeps up. I'm already having to use Chrome more often as I encounter websites that do not work correctly on Firefox and even some MS websites not working with IE anymore. If you are on the new Firefox Quantum and find any tricks or know how to get the bookmarks to be back, post them here. Or if you have anything you like about the new version.
  19. AOL Instant Messenger 4.8 no longer connects

    I am not certain. All I know is that there is a trillian account, which did exist for some time but it was not originally able to act as an IM. I first became aware of it when their Astra version came out, which I believe was in XP days. That is what my question is, at which version can you actually use the Trillian account for IM purposes? I had not used it until after AOL made their original annoucement, so I am unsure as to when the Trillian client actually became capable of it. And also, I have only used it on Windows 7 systems for some years now.
  20. How to fix a corrupted PowerPoint PPTX file

    It is the correct section, but this thread was made as a honeypot for spambots. 99% of the time a thread like this is made, the user does not actually have this problem. Once any spam posts are made into a thread like this, make sure to use the report button on them.
  21. AOL Instant Messenger 4.8 no longer connects

    It should be pretty soon huh? I still let my AIM accounts connect automatically, but I've basically already made the switch to using Trillian as my IM account. I'm not sure if there is a Trillian that works in 9x that can use a Trillian account. I'm going to guess my old installs will be pretty much unusable shortly.
  22. Error 0x80070035 ‘the network path was not found’

    When you use your work notebook at home, do you log into your domain account or with a different account? I'd be curious to know what network profile the notebook is in and then see if there is a setting difference for file sharing in Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. The three network profiles are Domain, Private and Public (or All). Check the settings for File and Printer Sharing of each of the many types, if they are enabled and which profile they belong to. You can also run gpresult from CMD, as it is possible your company's domain may have a GPO that is not allowing the connection as well.
  23. Greetings

    Well, "Spoopy" is immediately identifiable as a meme, I believe (popularly) it began with this Halloween item someone found in a store and took a picture of it. But since then, any usage of "spoopy" can either be a true typo but more likely an homage to the meme.
  24. Error 0x80070035 ‘the network path was not found’

    By pinging "THERMALTAKE" or the IP address?
  25. can i change it to a 5tb drive in windows 10

    It depends on the board you are using and it may depend on the hard disk model. If you can post those we can look them up. But generally with modern hardware, you just need to install Windows onto the disk in EFI mode and then you would have the full disk as your C: drive.