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  1. Fernando, Thanks for your great work. But I still have some problem about it. Do you have experience with NF 430/410 mobo? I just bought a MSI k8ngm2-fid mobo which use 6150/430 chipset. I am trying to integrate Sata raid driver from the latest driver package 8.22 to my windows xp! I following your setps as per the first post. But it do not work? I got fail message "setup cannot copy the file: nvsata.sys". when I use floppy disk. the setup programe can not recognize my raid0 when I use the integrated CD. I compare the sata driver in NF4 driver 6.7 and 430/6150 driver. they are same. Sould I use the driver from NF4 driver 6.7? BTW I have two seagate 7200.9 250G 8M harddriven and want install system to raid 0 on this mobo. Looks like you are the only expert in this area. So please help me!! Thanks again