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  1. that tool can it allso restart my OS ??
  2. Try to go to "Run.." and edit "cmd" (without the quotation marks).Now opens the DOS box. Edit the following: "shutdown -s", if you want to shutdown and "shutdown -r", if you want to reboot. If this fails, I would do a new install of Windows XP with your nLited CD. Are you sure, that your PSU is ok and strong enough? do i have to edit shutdown -r everetime i have to restart ??? I think my system is ok And i do realie DONT whont to reinstalle windows had that s... My system: MB: A8N-SLI Nforce4 Premium CPU: AMD Athlon64 3500+ socket 939,b RAM: 2x512 Kingston valueRAM HD: 2x160 GB Samsung S-ATA II as Raid0 PSU: LC 6550G -Black V2.0 550W VIDEO: Sapphire X800 GT
  3. The EXE file for the shutdown of the computer is named SHUTDOWN.EXE. You find it within the folder WINDOWS\System32, when you are using Windows XP, and within the folder WINNT\System32, if you are using Windows 2000.CU Fernando im useing windows i works great but it wount boot and if i trye to open SHUTDOWN.EXE nothing happens it is a paine in the a** that i have to restart windows on my computor cut it be somthing in side my com on my motherbord ??
  4. Fernando 1 you know what it cut be is ther a file that windows use to restart/shutdown. pleas help me
  5. my install of windows workt but i wont restart when i wont it 2 restart ore a program whonts it 2 restart i have 2 push the butten on the computor 2 make it restart ore shut down
  6. hej ther i have made a sata raid windows xp like (Fernando 1) tolde but my windows whont restart ore shut down i have 2 puhs the booten 2 restart ore shut it down WHAT DO I DO HELP