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  1. Thanks very much for posting that, and also for your very informative link
  2. are u sure? cause i am pretty sure they wont..... simple reason: svcpack is in amd64 folder not in i386 folder. I have downloaded a 64bit version of Direct X and found this in the ini file... ;Made by UtCollector [general] builddate=07/03/2008 description=DirectX March 2008 language=English title=DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtimes 64 Bit version=9 Build 9.22.1284 website= [EditFile] I386\SVCPACK.INF,SetupHotfixesToRun,AddProgram [AddProgram] DX.exe another one has.... ;Made by UtCollector [general] builddate=04/10-2007 description=VirtualDub V1.7.5 stable 64-bit (AMD64) version language=Default title=VirtualDub 64-bit (AMD64) version version=V1.7.5 website= [EditFile] I386\SVCPACK.INF,SetupHotfixesToRun,AddProgram [AddProgram] VirtualDub.exe so that made me wonder if the ones within this section would work on a 64 bit installation of XP by using nlite to integrate them...? Both of the above have their program file placed in a svcpack folder.
  3. Hello Thanks yet again for your tireless and generous work rado354, it is most appreciated. A question though... Can any of these wonderful add-ons be used with a XP64 nlite disk...? Many thanks again for what you do
  4. Hello According to .... Microsoft doesn't recommend creating Vista 'Lite' I like how the article continues....
  5. Merry Christmas to you too Rado - a great big thank you for all that you do for us here
  6. Thanks for creating this, much appreciated
  7. Thanks very much for releasing this - great browser and worthy of better support
  8. many thanks for posting this - any chance please of doing the same for the realalt149lite.exe - alternative....?
  9. Many thanks for sharing this
  10. Thanks ever so much for all the work that you are doing in creating this. If I can now create a working plugin then it must be good