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  1. Hello - I have an ASUS A8N-SLI DELUXE and have ensured the latest BIOS release has been flashed, as well as verified that the NVRAID BIOS is at 4.78 or higher. I have followed the instructions in the first post of this thread, and tried each of the methods listed in section 1, 2, and 4 of that post (recommendation: please number these methods) and each time have gotten the same results when attempting to boot windows install CD creating from the resulting ISO: When the CD boots, I get the normal "blue screen" that shows that the CD is booting and that the windows installation is being started. After all the drivers are loaded/reviewed at the bottom of the screen, the very last message displayed is "running windows" and what typically follows is another blue screen that has a license agreement/disclaimer before proceeding with the installation. Instead, what is displayed, after 10 minutes of what appears to be "loading" is just a bunch of === characters, not many. It almost appears that the standard input from the keyboard might work, if one knew what to type, but instead, it is just a blank screen. I have meticulously followed the instructions, ensured that no other devices are plugged into the PC (all other hard drives are disconnected except for the 2 WD SATA drives configured on the NVRAID controller. I have kept the nlite installation to a bare minimum - I've slipstreamed SP2 and incorporated the aforementioned drivers as documented. And with each attempt, I've started from scratch with a fresh copy of the XP CD in a new subdirectory on my hard drive (which I also disconnected prior to attempting the installation). Any thoughts on what I might be overlooking here?