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  1. Well I found a solution, because I had the same Problem. But I don't know if it will work for you and if I am allowed to post it because you have to change the setupp.ini file. I would like to know this as well, i have XP Home upgrade and win95 you can email me if you don't want to post it zach at collegegeek dot org
  2. Using N-Lite add-on Maker: 1° - Create a folder. 2° - Put the archives of the installation on that same floder. 3° - In Files of Program select the folder where the archives of installation are. 4° - In Instalation file select the archive that you want to be executed by the system. 5º - If the installation uses switches, type them. 6° - In the descripition field, type information about the program. 7° - Click on 'Make File' and select a folder to save the archive .CAB you just created. Yeah, those are the instructions I was having trouble understanding... but I figured it out eventually, and got it to work.