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  1. The 40GB HD I was waiting has arrived I have taken notes from your advises. This week I am quite busy, so I won't be able to start setting it up until november I think. I will keep this post updated for people interested. Thank you. See you next week
  2. Thanks for the explanation about Win98 security issue. I have installed and configured Kerio firewall before so this won't take me a lot time knowing what I am doing. I will give SeaMonkey a try too.
  3. Thanks everybody for your replies Drivers won't be a problem for this systems: » Microsoft Windows 2000 » Microsoft Windows 3.1 » Microsoft Windows 95 » Microsoft Windows 98 » Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11 » Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 » Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 » OS/2 After reading your opinions, I think I will begin giving a try to Win95OSR2, Win98SE and Win2000SP4, all at once. This way I will be able to compare them side by side. I could post data comparison at your request, but this will be during november because I am waiting for a new HD for this laptop to arrive. I still have some doubts: - Maybe I will avoid IE installation, but in this case which light browser do you advise me to use? Will firefox eat a lot of resources/time for opening? - FAT32 or NTFS for Win2000? FAT32 will be faster but more unstable, won't it? - Are the english updates for Win95 or Win98 compatible with spanish OS? Win9x doesn't have any known security vulnerabilities?
  4. Hello I am not sure which Windows version will be more suitable for this laptop. I would like to use it to surf the web, view/write documents and run any useful software for me. It will connect to internet via a wifi usb adapter or a pcmcia. I was considering Win95 OSR2, Win98SE and Win2000. Please give me any hint from your own experience with a similar machine and these OSes or anything you find worth mentioning. If I decide to install Win98SE, what updates won't have an impact on my system performance/speed/stability? I ask this because a few years ago, after updating several Win98SE installations through windowsupdate (security updates + software such as IE and Media Player) they became unstable while using IE, and a few drawbacks more. I hope this was some software updates fault, because I would like to have my system totally patched for security holes. Or maybe I will be in high secutity risk for not updating to IE6 too? Well, telling the truth, I think XP and 2000 become slower after updating critical updates too.
  5. Thank you for your pack. I am waiting for your "tweak guide", I hope it will be soon P.S: I want to learn quite more about splitters, filters... from the beginning, but I have not enough time for searching, reading and selecting. Can you suggest any place or something else which has all I need and no more? Thanks.