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  1. hello~ i finally can solve my problem simply using the latest unofficial 9.16 WHQL driver link: thanks very much
  2. sorry~ here is my config: Gigabyte K8NU-9 (NF4U) A64 3000+ 3GB DDRRam 7200.10 320GB * 2 (RAID1) NVRAID BIOS is 4.84 WinXP VOL w/SP2 (from MSDN) nForce 6.70 thanks~!
  3. i have some problems with the slipstreamed WinXP I used sataraid + extras in the driver 6.70 for the VOL WinXP w/SP2 When i used the slipstreamed CD to boot, i can see the installer copying the nVIDIA raid driver. However, when it comes to "Setup in starting Windows"(still in the text mode, before the "press F8 to agree" screen), a BSOD is shown the contents is like this: (sorry, i cant remember the text exactly ) setup has detected some errors and prevented the damage check your hard disk drives.... ... ... could you help me to figure out the problem? I have tried the legacy and sataraid w/extra, they show the same BSOD
  4. failed again~ this time, i tried not to press F6, when the installer says "Setup is starting Windows" there is a BSOD my NV Raid BIOS is 4.84, and i have used it to make a RAID 1 array before setting up the WinXp
  5. oops... let me try again now....
  6. i followed step 2 and 3 exactly... btw, i install the WinXP using a USB-connected DVD-RW drive , is it ok ?
  7. i used nlite 1.0 rc 8 for my slipstream i only integrate the nVIDIA sata raid driver (nForce4_amd_6.70_winxp2k_english\IDE\WinXP\sataraid\nvraid.inf) to my VOL 32 bit WinXP and create a bootable ISO, no other changes has been made. when i install the slipstreamed WinXP, after pressing F6, the installation says that i do not have a floppy disk device so that i cannot move on to the installation process. In fact, i really do not have a floppy disk drive and thats why i need to slipstream the driver. am i slipstreaming the driver correctly? Thanks a lot !!