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  1. thanks for that i have to say i am a little bit puzzled as when i had an ASUS AV8 board, even though i only had the one drive in it (in fact it was all the same internals that i have moved to my shuttle) it would not see the hard drive unless i did the F6 trick and loaded the RAID driver disk I have just checked with XP disk and you are quite right that it does not need the boot disk to see the hard drive on my shuttle Is this a glitch with VIA chipsets? (or is this the wrong place to ask this question )
  2. Hi there Firstly i am sorry if i am being a complete noob here and all this has probably been asked and explained before, but i have been trying to get my head around these SATA drivers for ages and have now found this software (nlite), but i still cant get it to work. I have read thru the opening post of this thread and about the first 10 pages of this, but i'm sorry to say none of it is making sense to me. I have managed to do the simple bits like slipstream SP2 and hotfixes into XP, but i just do not understand what you mean about copying these files into the SATARAID and PATARAID folders. I cannot find this OEM folder that is being talked about and really am at a complete loss. Also all the driver files you point us to are for nForce 4 board and mine is only nForce 3 (using 5.11 drivers) System is Shuttle (SN95G5 v3) yes i read that that also seems to cause a few problems needing 2 drivers !! BIOS version 6.00PG (dated 14/10/2005, but i cannot find what version of RAID BIOS i have) AMD 3700+ socket 939 2Gb RAM (crucial) 74Gb Raptor drive (single, so not using RAID, just the SATA port) no floppy If anyone could help me (with a complete idiots guide) i would be SO grateful Many Thanks in advance P.S. could anyone link me to a thread that explains how to intergrate the rest of the nVidia chipset drivers and the Graphics as well?