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  1. "Prostrate at the feet of demi-gods"
  2. Firstly I would apologise for being somewhat ignorant with regard to all this stuff. However I have picked up enough from this forum, and the guide, to have just about completed my first full unattended xp with just about everything I need added. It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. Many thanks! When I said easy there is of course the exception of the Creative X-Fi unattended install. Ive managed to get the basic driver installed (driver update downloaded from the creative site) via WINNT.SIF. The other stuff; driver apps such as console launcher, thx console, and mediasource (from the CD) is proving a lot more difficult. I believe that setup.exe is installshield. Ive tried using a variety of switches (-R, /r, /r /f1"C:\Temp\Setup.iss") but these fail to produce an .iss file. I've also tried running the exe from runounce with both /s & /S but this did not work either (the setup exe executed but not silently (install shut down/rebooted from the runonce EXIT). All-in-all a pretty ameturish attempt I know, but I've been trying to do this for what seems like an age. I can't find a solution that I understand no matter how much I search. Has anybody been able to solve this problem? If you've done this I'd be extremely thankful if you could take the time to help (No I don't consider myself above begging... at all) Many Many thanks
  3. Sincere thanks for the advice folks!
  4. All this talk of RAID is a bit confusing. Which folder / files do I need if I'm not using a RAID array (ie. just 1 single SATAII in the appropriate nvidia port). Motherboard, Asus A8n Premium, nForce 4 (6.70) (XPO Home) If I had to guess I would use: IDE\WinXP\legacy\nvatabus, and IDE\WinXP\sata_ide\nvata Would this be correct or do I need to install the Raid files regardless of whether i'm using a Raid array (as explained at the top of the thread) As an afterthought I have my raid devices disabled in BIOS, will I need to enable them for the nvidia drivers to install. Ive had problems in the past with installing the nvidia drivers through the exe... yes I am a bit thick! many thanks Somebody help me plaese I can'nt do it!