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  1. Thanks for the details.I really have no idea, why you got a BSOD by using my method according post 1 of this thread and no BSOD by using the F6/floppy method. Is it possible, that you used different drivers from different packages? There are two nForce packages v. 6.69, one 32-bit for W2k3 and one 64-bit for XP and W2k3. Are you sure, that you took the 32-bit ones? No I used the 32 bit drive in either case. I once tried to use the 64 bit driver(by mistake) and it told me that they were not compatible.
  2. Sorry, I missed the second question. I created the SATARAID folder using the method mentioned in step 1 and 2 under Windows Server 2003 at the beginning of your post. Then I used that folder for NLite single driver integration. Then I integrated other pnp drivers. Is that what you mean?
  3. S-ATA Raid is what I have
  4. I did not hit F6 when using the integrated CD1 or CD2. Fernando, do you have any idean on the 3 questions in my last post? If you have integrated the nForce SataRaid drivers into your W2k3 CD, you should not hit the F6 button! If you do it nevertheless, you may get a BSOD with a 7B stop message. Actually what I was trying to say is: when doing a fresh install using a regular windows 2003 CD and the 6.69 drivers through F6, I do not get the stop code 7B
  5. Fernando, I have a problem with stop code 7B but I have no problem installing windows server 2003 using the 6.69 drivers as is during F6. Are those instructions outdated? (doubt due to amount of repies). I have an ASUS A8N5X with nForce 4 and RAID. I'll tell you my issue with 7B. I have a W2K3 server running on another hardware that I moved using Symantec Livestate Recovery advanced server 6.0 suite using a recover anyware option that allows to recover to dissimilar hardware. Actually, it does not work for me. Here is what I have seen: If I use the Symantec tool I get a BSOD with 7B stop code upon reboot If I run a repair using W2K3 SP1 slipstreamed bootable CD(lets call it CD1) without using the method described in this thread I still get the STOP code 7B upon reboot (this could be due to the cause explained in this thread) If I run a repair using W2K3 SP1 slipstreamed bootable CD(lets call it CD2) using the method described in this thread I STILLget the STOP code 7B upon reboot. Now, if I use CD1 and do a fresh install of W2K3 on the raid disk, all is OK and I don't get the STOP code. Why is this happeing? Why don't I get 7B stop code using CD1 What could I do to make W2K3 work (if you know)? Thanks a million