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  1. thanks again. heck my tip wont even work for me.
  2. haha i can't seem to extract it properly. Can you upload the achived Driver folder for ver 6 and upload it at ty.
  3. yup theres a 6.0 version. funny thing is that if you select windows xp home as your operating system; 5.7 is the latest offering by intel out of the results. but if you select pro; you get the 6.0 also. I have home on mine and didn't want to risk it. Hmm... maybe i'll reinstall again.............. later.......... you used v1.0.1 right?
  4. goto:〈=eng and download the english version. after you download the executable file. extract it into a folder (i use 7zip so its right click > extract files) then open the folder created, open winall and then theres "driver" and "driver64" correct my mistake its not win and win64. anyways this is the folder you select in nlite for multiple drivers inside a folder (win for your typical 32bit windows xp and win64 for 64bit version) added: to be totally safe in nlite, only select to modify two parts; the integration of drivers and the burning of iso option.
  5. I have my fingers crossed mate.
  6. yup thats the guide all right. wasn't what I was looking for. I already know how to customize nlite (which that guide teaches you). its what more to customize that I was looking for. any way thanks. :
  7. Thats good enough. But are you talking about ? I can't seem to find it on at ....... i found this one: its beta 5....
  8. I usually refer to this: but its too out dated already since its already v1.0.1 and the services and tweaks are old and some new possible tweaks are not mentioned. Does anybody else know of a more latest guide? thanks.
  9. integrating them using RC8 worked for me (not the same laptop and drivers but basicly the same idea for my dv200t). then with v1.0 using the exact same procedure it showed the BSOD after installation. They said it was a bug and already fixed in the 1.0.1 release. haven't tried it out yet. well basicly what I did was download the drivers straight from intel. Make sure that the intel matrix drivers are exactly for your chipset. i never encountered this: i simply extracted the installation file. went to drivers... there was 2 folders: driver and driver64 (obviously the Driver one for the 32bit windows). inside these folders were the files needed to be inside the floppy (on manual sata installation). in the drivers integration i went and add a "folder" not a "file"... and then select the "Driver" folder (mentioned previously) and it will ask you to confirm. click yes or something. and then it will show list of all the different drivers that the folder had inside it... to be safe i selected all the MOBILE drivers (you'd can easily deffrenciate the mobile drivers since they have a "m" somewhere in their name from their desktop counterparts). click while holding ctrl to select more than one. then click ok. thats it. Oh and make sure "OEM install" is checked somewhere later in nlite. (its checked by default) sample screenshot whtn integrating for my laptop: (ignore the folder address since i copy pasted the Driver folder in the root of one of my partitions) as previously mentioned: tested with rc8, didn't work with v1 but hopefully will work in v1.0.1. good luck.
  10. According to this:;en-us;304040 My Windows XP home edition isn't supposed to be able to disable simple file sharing And according to this security article ( I'm just going to make a password for the guest account instead. Thank you for taking the time to post.
  11. .... and now my windows installation doesn't show the option to enable or disable simple file sharing. Is there a registry where in I can manually enable or disable it again? thanks.
  12. Not everyone is a jack of all trades.
  13. @ ZaForD ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I see now. so the bat file just gets data from the current windows inallation. and the vb script is to get the winxp key and place that info into the winnt file that the bat created. man that tutorial os soooooooooooooo user unfriendly would have it more easier if they said: - copy the following text into notepad. name one "blah blah" and the other "blah blah" exactly. - put in any folder both files. - run bat file and then run vbs file. - copy the 5 files created into the .... blah blah. - the end. haha thanks!
  14. Simple out of the box question; - I have a royalty OEM installed on my hp laptop (it has "HP" in the COA). - I don't have any HP windows installation cd back-up copy - I downloaded a OEM version (same home version) from the net. - extracted the bulk license from winnt.sif of the current laptop's product key (different from COA) - Can I use that with the OEM installer that I downloaded from the net? Do I still have to activate it? (the tutorial on the first page had me into a dead end when it showed some kind of vbscript...) thanks
  15. Question on the tutorial on RAID/SATA Drivers located here. I'm getting confused on how much to add: You see, there are a LOT of PCI identifier strings (middle TXTSETUP window) but I'm quite sure I only need this one (orange box) so I only placed the PCI identifier of that one in the hardware ID database (lower green box). Do I have to add the others too? (this is my last resort for not having to buy an external USB floppy to reinstall windows on my laptop ) the others are: (TXTSETUP.OEM) The bolded one is the driver that alot of people say that I should use. Thanks!