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  1. Hi! Thank you for the new release! I try to integrate IE8 in XP SP3, but i've an error at the end of the process... I don't know why, all what I've done is Slipstream SP3 (on SP2 source), add IE8 executable in the hotfix lists!
  2. Oh you're right, i've forgot this! Thank you.
  3. Hi, When the final release of SP3 will be available, I will integrate it with nLite, but I wonder me what is the best "sources" between a CD of Windows XP RTM, or a CD of Windows XP SP2(or SP1?)? May some patch includes in SP3 could "overwrite" the patch of SP2? no? Thank for your answers!
  4. I think I've got the same error... When all the files for installation are copied, the system reboot, an show the Windows logo, after sometimes I've got a message about a quota and virtual memory(I'm french, and the message is:"le quota des fichiers d'échange de mémoire virtuelle est trop limité pour l'opération", ""The quota of virtual memory swapfiles is too limited for the operation"" may be a poor translation...) I will try to remove IE7 from the hotfix...