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  1. 1-remove OOBE or check skip OOBE in unattended general tab 2-in unattended go to users tab then add your account and make it active and at password options check "blank password" 3-uncheck active option from administrator account 4-at autologon select your account "be sure to keep "oem preinstall" enabled on general tab "all goes well, but at one point I am prompted to enter Name/Workgroup" >>unplug network cable during xp installation
  2. and finally we found the problem of course select non for autologon
  3. do u use autologon?
  4. i meant :don't use active administrator if u add your account and to make only your account active but if u didn't add any accounts u must keep admin account active and for OOBE just do what i told u before in in my first post and every thing will be fine
  5. addons integrate in the same way of ms hotfixes
  6. no u don't need them, > but do u use unattended ? if u do then: disable "active" option from administrator account in users tab
  7. I think u removed "out of box experience(OOBE)" and/or "internet explorer core" from "operating system options" in components > use nlite again and in components hit "Compatibility" and select "windows activation and sysprep"
  8. 1- blestgrowl i think that u will not be able to setup xp from hard disk because you remove manual install and upgrade when you used nlite so you should use nlite again on a fresh non tweaked xp source then try to not remove "manual install and upgrade" from operating system options 2- another way u can copy this files below to your already nlited xp from the original source:"I'm not sure of that and if it works u will not be able to upgrade win98 you can just do new installation & u will get pop-up that tell u that" -copy SETUP.EXE to your nlited xp -copy WINNT32.EXE , WINNT32A.DLL , WINNT32U.DLL , WINNTBBA.DLL , WINNTBBU.DLL from source i386 folder to nlited xp i386 folder
  9. no comment
  10. no comment
  11. h
  12. try to not remove "manual install and upgrade" from operating system options
  13. of course new one
  14. go to this site http://www.radarsync.com/vista for many free vista drives downloads
  15. u should burn iso file on DVD or you can install vista directly from the hard disk and it is more speed