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  1. I have just entered the fun that is NVRaid chipsets! Before I found your post I tried most combinations of most things and eventually decided to boot the machine using a standard IDE drive and then see if I could access the raid set up afterwards (non boot) using the windows set up kit provided on the website. In short I gave up on using a bootable raid and now just want to use the 1+0 raid array on 4 250gb drives as a file serving system within win XP. Once I try to install any drivers for the setup at all the system hangs at reboot as it normally does whenever you attempt to use the NV raid. My question is what drivers do I install to avtivate my N4 chipset raid controller from within windows as a non-bootable array?! Any Ideas? Trying endless combinations is driving me nuts! Many Thanks, Dave Motherboard : FoxConn NF4SLI7AA Chipset : NVIDIA Crush 19+MCP-04