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  1. I used 6.69 SATARAID and 6.7 to copy the extra files from as per the instructions. The CD is appears ok because I can burn an iso without adding drivers and install Windows 2003 on the same hardware configuration without raid enabled.
  2. I am glad I found this site but am still having problems. I tried building an install using NLite and the driver instructions for Server 2003. I am still getting the blue screen Hard Error C0000221. K8N-DL 2 x Opteron 246 2 x Cosair 1gb ecc registered 2 x Seagate baracuda SATA2 250 gb hard drive raid 1 Bios 1008 NVidia Bios 4.84 I copied the files as described into the SATARAID folder. In NLite I selected the integrate drives and create ISO options I selected the drived as textmode (I selcted one and it picked both). After creating the drivers I watched that they were loaded during the pre gui load of windows, then got blue screened after the starting windows prompt. I tried the same steps and selected unattended install, but didn't full in any options, just made sure the load OEM was checked. This didn't help. I wasn't sure what this meant? "To make the driver package suitable for the integration you have to unzip it" Any help/suggestion would be greatly appreciated.