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  1. EDIT : nothing to worry, the directory name was too long. [Delprat told me to type some command, but I am not used to it :/ Is there anyone to be more precise please ?]
  2. Thanks a lot Merci beaucoup Sorry but I do not have the time to try it right now, but since rootkit revealer, I sure need to reinstall quickly :/
  3. There should be some trick I don't know yet : how to not waste a CDR when I rebuild my nLite ISO each time I reinstall, because of the better nLite version. Is there some way to mount an ISO as I would do with Daemon tools, but this time, for installing windows when the computer starts ? I am sure this is a stupid question, or maybe I did not think about an alternative. And I did not search, sorry. Sorry for my poor English Thank you for reading !