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  1. I tried again - and now it actually worked - I must have been real close before but never really hit the right place. Thanks for your help
  2. I am booting up from the DVD - by mounting it in a virtual machine. Is there anything else that can be wrong - because I have tried that many time
  3. So I made an Unattend.xml file with the WAIK. I have tried putting in several places of the DVD * In the root * In sources * In $oem$\1 * In sources\$oem$\1 I have also tried to rename it to AutoUnattend.xml I have tried editing the autorun.inf file so that open="setup.exe /Unattend:Unattend.xml" and open=setup.exe /Unattend:Unattend.xml I am running out of places to put the **** file Can anyone tell Exactly where to put the file on the DVD in order to make it work. Kind Regards
  4. Hi there, I am trying to find out how I can install the Microsoft Update ActiveX Control with my unattended install. The goal is I want to avoid this "first time at the update site" thing. Any "easy" way to do this ? Thanks in advance.