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  1. One other thing that just stepped on me: where the he|| did the notification popup come from that it's showing on top of my full screen video player while not even Pale Moon X-Notifier addon's popup or POPPeeper's popup have ever dared to disturb me while watching a movie?!? This is too much! I'm outta here!
  2. The avatar is just a small part of the issue but to reply to your question, no, I see absolutely no option to add/edit/remove an avatar whatsoever. There is also no 'Save this topic' button at the bottom as it used to be. Notification e-mails do not link to first unread post in a topic as before but to a specific post, which means some posts may get missed if notifications keep coming in a not-so-timely fashion or most of them are blocked/sent to spam as the imbecils at AOL keep doing (I had to disable spam protection in order to get MSFN notifications in Inbox, but now I'll delete the AOL account altogether due to their new moronic interface that plagued the IT world). Anyway, the interface is the big issue and is something I cannot and will not accept. Stability is what I cherish most in life and what seems to be blown up in every aspect of it lately. Microsoft and their one-size-fits-all policy that everyone seems to embrace may go to he|| for what I care.
  3. When faced with the choice of 'my way or the highway' I invariably choose the latter. Since I'm now faceless I would like to completely remove my profile here. How can this be achieved?
  4. I've never installed/used a localized version of 98SE so dunno if this is possible but in the the US version in Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Windows Setup there should be an option called Multilanguage Support with five subcategories: Baltic, Central European, Cyrillic, Greek, Turkish. You may enable them all but make sure you have the installation CD (or files) at hand. Then in Control Panel > Text Services you may add the desired keyboard layout(s). If Multilanguage Support is not available in localized Windows 98SE then you may have to install the US version and make sure Multilanguage Support is enabled at install time (choose 'Custom' installation when given the choice).
  5. CodeStuff Starter has been good enough for me from Win95 through Win7. Unfortunately it seems abandoned and hard to find even on its official sites. Too bad there's no x64 version of it, since the 32bit doesn't "catch" the 64bit services and processes. I wonder if it still runs (correctly) under Win10… The built-in Task Manager has always been a last resort to me, used only when the system was too unstable or low on resources to run Starter. But to each their own.
  6. Maybe they only send the notification once per user ID. I got the notification once five days ago, never connected again until a couple minutes ago when there was no other notification. The client is the same: Miranda IM v0.10.24.0. So don't get your hopes high.
  7. I, for one, do not intend to leave Windows98SE. It's my main system and has been for the last 16 years or so. I control it - it doesn't control me. I don't need any store, I don't need anything that would make me a slave of the machine. Dunno about the others. Thing is, Microsoft are going down a completely different path. Most people have no idea whatsoever about what's in store (pun intended!) for them. Institutions are somehow either tricked or forced into adopting W10. Incompatibilities will soon arise due to standards incompatibilties. Regular users will have to comply, in time. And there's no going back. My 98SE machine does what I want it to do currently. If I will ever face the choice, I will give up Internet rather than my freedom. (where did those typos come from…)
  8. The priceless question would be: do we really have a choice whatsoever? Additional question, value it as you like: do we really need Microsoft anymore?
  9. How do you connect the LG tablet to the printer? Maybe you need to specifically enable networking and/or wi-fi on the tablet. It may also be a fault of the app, if no other similar devices can actually print using the same app. I'm not sure if there's any special permissions needed network-wise. You may try an USB-to-Ethernet adapter for the tablet, see if a wired connection would allow you to print. That may offer a hint as to whose fault is for the current printing inability. Slightly off-topic: you'd be better off with a network printer that could be connected to the router via ethernet or wi-fi to avoid the necessity of powering on/off your laptop in order to print from other devices.
  10. There's a topic around here on the subject. The actual patch is in the repository in my signature (make sure your HOSTS file doesn't block my.cloudme.com): ShutdownPatcher
  11. No. People are getting downright stupid period. Because all the knowledge is being transferred to devices that are supposed to control the humans 24/7. Because robots never lie, robots are never late, robots are never emotional about anything, robots never fail. Well, until they're plugged out. And then humanity will die because they'll be too stupid to survive. Game over.
  12. It's about the protocol handshake, not the computer date/time. Even if protocol version could be faked on the client side the handshake would fail because they will modify it on their servers.
  13. I got the warning too today in Miranda IM Maybe the newer Miranda NG could work but I simply don't care - if they push me they don't get obedience, they get the finger.
  14. Yes, this system should be used mainly (only?) for testing purposes, that is for accurate reports of what works and what doesn't and in which configuration. Otherwise it could easily get out of hand.
  15. Unless some application overrides the default library search path, one could place a copy of the troublesome library (i.e. msvcrt.dll as in DougB's situation) in application's folder where main executable resides and then set the appropriate compatibility mode. This should theoretically override the global library by loading the local copy instead. This may however introduce complications and one may tend to forget about the local copy, later on trying to work on the global one without success.