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  1. Switchs is internally in the archive .exe not in .ini thx,I've fixed it. And report another bug. Nlite Addon Maker 1.2.4 do not support chinese well, I mean when u put a file in a directory contained chinese characters or a path to the directory contains chinese characters, I got an error just like this. that's it. and this software is wonderful, thx for ur work.
  2. thx for ur wonderful job. but there is a window popup during installing, remaining me to check the forum if there has a new version or not. could u fix it?
  3. I cannot find switch for this RadLightAPE.exe, can anyone help me? It is an altnative decoder of ape music files. RadLightAPE.exe
  4. got a problem. I am using the newest verion of nlite add-on maker. everthing is fine, but there is no swithes in the ENTRIES_PROGRAM.INI, just the name of the program, can anyone help me? and sorry for my bad english.