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  1. Well well interesting...do you mean that the driver is "language specific" ?? could you give me some details?? EDIT: ok great! I did it with the 95 driver, I just had to add the good line (VID etc..), fantastic! a 'driver' with less than 100K
  2. Hello, Does anybody know whether this generic driver work with: USB Crucial, GizmoJr 1Gig ?? (I do not have this key, I am trying to help somebody..) Thanks and Happpy new year from Belgium !
  3. thanks for your job! W98SE is not -yet- dead!! Z.
  4. Hello World ( ), This driver is great, thanks! I have 3 USB keys, are they present in the driver? 1/ no name, driver = SNXPDR.pdr 2/Verbatim Store'n go, driver = MDOCUSB.sys 3/Ramosruntek disk, drivers= UMSSFDK2.sys, UMSSPDR2.sys and UMSSPDRF.pdr. I have, of course, all these drivers which work perfectly under W98SE. If you need them, I can E-mail them to you. Greetings from Belgium, Z.