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Found 9 results

  1. Hey Guys, I would like to use the WinTV-HVR-1800 PCI TV Tuner (ATSC/QAM/NTSC) with my Windows 98 SE PC and I can't find a driver for it that can work. I found one that my Win98 can read however, I can't install the file. When I opened details to get more info it said: "No more files (error #12)" Does anyone know of a way to get drivers for it that will work under Windows 98 SE? Thanks, win98geek
  2. See to me, there is ABSOLUTELY NO up to date browser that works on Win9x. By that I mean one that can render HTML5 and do banking. Right there, that should render Win9x as only being appropriate for offline use.
  3. Vanilla Windows 95 RetroZilla 2.0 (Rebrand of SeaMonkey 1.1.19 with newer ported CSS features!) K-Meleon v1.5.4 Vanilla Windows 98/ME Firefox Opera 11.63 Lunescape 5.0 Requires KernelEx! (Windows 98/ME only!) Opera 12.02 (Mostly fine, but pages can render funny and HTML is poor) QTWeb 3.5.4 (Portable Edition) CometBird 11 (May require jumper's extensions) Firefox 3.6.28 (The most stable KernelEx application in my experience, solid, but incapable with many modern websites) Firefox 9 Palemoon 8 Palemoon 11 (Workaround to get it working) Flock 2.6.1 (Decent, but may have some crashing issues; Firefox 3.6.28 is better) Arora 0.1 Portable Edition (May require Jumper's KernelEx extensions!) Requires KernelEx extensions SeaMonkey 2.32 (Can only go to pages by URL, not searching!) Opera 12.5 build [before] 1513 (Requires KernelEx extensions by jumper!) *Slimboat 1.1.50 *Arora 0.10.0-1 ? K-Meleon 1.8 (Requires KernelEx extensions by jumper! Read here for instructions) *Qupzilla 1.43 *Install Qupzilla 1.1.5 and simply copy its Qtwebkit4.dll over that of more recent Qt4 browsers. You also might need to copy Phonon4, Mscvr90, and Msvcp90 if the newer browser doesn't have it Alternatively, you could download the unofficial portable version of Arora and not need to do so Unstable and unusable (Requires KernelEx) Qupzilla 1.1.5 (Tends to freeze for brief amounts of time and acts very slow) Needs testing Google Chrome 1.0 - 32??? - Requires an offline installer (I recommend a very old version of chrome), Blackwingcat's Chrome Tool for W2K; Instructions Sleipnir 2 Green Browser Maxthon (I doubt the latest version would work, but what about any version after Windows 9x support was dropped?) K-Meleon Dooble The World Browser ZAC Browser (I know it may sound awkward, but its a chance) Doesn't work Dooble Browser 1.4.0 (Qt4; last W2k version, opens but doesn't allow browsing) BlueLightCat 0.6 (Qt4, "A required .DLL file, MSVCP100.DLL, was not found") Zeromus Browser ("A required .DLL file, MSVCP100.DLL, was not found") Sleipnir 3+ Qupzilla 1.66 (Yes, even if the dll's are copied over from the older version) Firefox 10+ Slim Browser 5.00 Otter Browser (I'm assuming both the xp and modern version) Oxy Browser Xombrero 1.6.3 (Windows Installer sees the program as invalid) Try to find any Qt4 based web browsers! They tend to work on Windows 9x with KernelEx! Also inform me if there's any program similar to Wise Program Uninstaller for Windows 9x!
  4. Hi I'm new here, just regsitered to ask a few questions, but judging by the looks of this place, I'll be coming back for more. My question is: Is there such a thing as a Win 98se compatible AM3 motherboard? Basically I have an AMD 955 on an Asus m4a88td-v evo/usb3, and looking to upgrade to a Ryzen in a few months, and want to have FULL backwards compatibility with some old games I love. I also have a Core2Duo on an LGA775 ASUS P5Q PRO. Both motherboards are NOT 98 compatible. Also, what's the most powerful graphics card that is windows 98SE compatible? I want to build a powerful retro PC that will have dual boot, XP and 98SE. Thanks Regards Inimbrium
  5. Hi! I've just built a Win98 macchine, based on a MS6163 motherboard, a Coppermine Celeron 1000MHz on slotket, 128MB of RAM, nVidia GeForce4 MX440 GPU, SoundBlaster AWE64 sound card. I mainly use this machine with Impulse Tracker and Audacity and I usually download IT, MOD, S3M, WAV and MP3 files from a FTP server on the Web. This PC can't be connected via Ethernet to the router because is located in a different room, so I'd like to install a WLAN card. I round many cards: - PCI Atheros AR5005GS: can't find Win9x drivers - PCI Intellinet Wireless G Network Adapter (Ralink RT2560 chip): set up driver and utility, but in Device Manager shows a Code 10 error and the utility can't find the card. Tried many versions, none worked. - USB ZyXEL G-202: on attached disk, there wasn't 9x driver, but the box and the user guide say that it is fully compatible with 98SE and ME. ZyXEL website provides driver, but no Wireless utility. Code 10 in Device Manager. - PCI USRobotics Wireless G Turbo Adapter: found driver and utility, Code 10. No adapter worked. I did a last try: RTL8193 Fast Ethernet PCI card. Code 10, Realtek diag tool doesn't detect the card. Then, Kingston KNE20BT 10BaseT ISA card, Code 10. Same thing with RTL8026AS ISA Adapter. The same 98 setup disk has been used on my old Latuitude XPi P133ST. Network stuff is OK and I used a PCMCIA Fast Ethernet card, until the CPU stopped working. What can I do? Thanks in adavance, Enrico
  6. I picked up a CATC NetMate Link USB/ethernet device. It is the same as a Belkin f5u011. The only drivers I can find require the downloading of driver installation software. When I get it downloaded the installer won't run on Win98. Does anyone know how I can get the driver alone or better still a copy of the original install floppy disc?
  7. Hi All, New to the forum and looking for some help/advice on a project I am working on. The scope of the project is to turn an old failing Win98 computer into something new that will live on. I am using VMware to accomplish the task of running Win98 on new hardware. ---This part of the project is flawless in operation as I am able to communicate with the equipment as needed. I am using a new HP EliteDesk computer with a Core i7, 8 gigs of ram and Win7 OS. It's the SFF for space requirement reasons. Now on to the issue I am running into. The equipment this computer communicates with has a camera and it needs to talk to the software in the computer in order to do its job. So I am looking for a Video Capture card to make this happen. ---Two Problems stopping this from working: 1) The cards that are compatible with Windows 98 have the wrong slot. 2) The cards that fit the available slots only go back as far as maybe Windows XP. I have done research and I'm just going around in circles. I have a cheep USB Capture Device and obviously it works with Win7 but no support for Win98. (bought for another project) Never did I think it would just work with this setup, I was hoping the USB capture device drivers could be adapted to work with Win98??!! At this point I am looking for some input from someone with more knowledge of Win98 and how things work and or could work. Also on the search for either a USB, X1pciEXP or a X16pciEXP slot capture device compatible with Win98. Thanks for any help you can provide, it's appreciated!
  8. (Perhaps already they answered this) sorry for the trouble I was wondering if there is not a win98 iso unattended ready to use (with the latest updates already built). and if any of where I can download .. thanks.
  9. Hello there So I finally got Win98 installed which took me a long while to figure out on L440GX+ board. And I'm dualbooting it with Windows XP. What I need is to backup both OSes saving the boot.ini, saving all the stuff needed to dualboot those two together. No games, music etc included just OSes on those two separate 10gb partitions I have for them. So my question is to those with Symantec Ghost experience (or some other drive image creating software). Should I create images of two separate partitions or backup the whole drive? (which is 73gb btw.)