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Some help with designing a site logo

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Rischip    0

I would very much appreciate some help designing a graphical site logo.

Before any one says it. I know I'm new, but I just contributed an open source project which I have been working on for over a year.

The project is The Grim Linker Project

What I would like is a Grim Reaper carrying thick links of chain rather than a scythe.

A little history behind it. I was looking for a name for the project.

I originally called it "The Multi Package Linker".

Well there is a second part to the project which does remote execution. All of the good names like Rexec were taken. So I just went a little longer and called it the ReXeCutioner. So that name combined with the Linker became [The Grim (RexeCutioner instead of reaper) followed by Linker]

So there you have it.

I would also like to include it on the application. I could provide a link back to your site from the graphic on the app and the website.

Seriously any help would be greatly appreciated.

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