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Invisible Outgoing POP Email

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Hello, there!

I have been experiencing some unusual activity on my Outlook 2003.

It has been attempting to send out an email which I can't see in my Outbox.

However, that "invisible email" never gets sent out & I see this error message: 'Your outgoing (SMTP) server does not support SSL-secured connection. If SSL-secured connections have worked in the past, contact your server administrator...' And because of this, all my other outgoing emails get stuck...

Incidentally, this email account is a Gmail POP account.

I suspect that it's a viral infection, but after doing a thorough scan with MacAfee online, no virus was found.

Any idea what's happening here?



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Don't remember exactly where, but in Gmail Help, there is a place where they give specific instructions on how to set up and what boxes need to be tick'ed. I'm only using OE6 (also using Gmail POP/SMTP) but the requirements are more-or-less the same (SSL). Go there and find it, change as appropriate, and you should be ok...



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The e-mail SSL port is 995. You need to change this in your POP settings.


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