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Drawing alignment options greyed out

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Help, this is driving me (and my coworkers) nuts!!!!!

I am trying to develop process maps in word to put into office procedures using standard drawing objects.

The bl**dy thing wont let me align and distribute as all of the commands are greyed out!!!!!

I have read the (un)useful so-called helps:

1) I have selected enough items (eg >2 to align and >3 to distribute)

2) The items are not "in-line" (eg they are "in front of text")

3) I dont have "Relative to Page" or "Relative to canvas" ticked.

According to the MS Help page that's all there is and it should work now (Thanks, Bill!!)....

but it don't - they are still greyed out.

Anyone know why???


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Please tell us what version of Word you are using and send a screenshot by using Printscreen key. Or if you can, attach the Word file here (take out all sensitive data.)

It is working for me in Word 2007.


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