Windows Explorer crashes on selecting C drive to view

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Presently I'm having problems when I select the C: drive in Windows Explorer. It crashes Windows Explorer.

It crashes when I right-click on the C: drive and select "open" , "Explore" and "Expand" although "Expand"

will display all the subdirectories briefly before explorer crashes.

I can do a properties on the C drive and if I enter a subdirectory path on the C Drive I can see the

files within that directory i.e. C:\TEMP. If I hit the up-arrow toolbar icon, I can move up the

directory tree until I get to C: drive at which time it crashes Windows Explorer. I can select

MyDesktop, MyComputer, Recycle bin ..... without problem.

Is there some registry setting, or Windows Explorer command association that I must do to correct this

problem? What are the steps to do it?

This started occuring after removing NERO software on the computer since it was all screwed up and

needed to be reinstalled from scratch. The NERO software hasn't been reinstalled yet til I get

Windows Explorer working again.


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what happens in safe mode


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I booted into safe mode with networking support to my user account.

It worked correctly when I tried to access the C: drive in Windows Explorer

and when I up arrowed from a subdirectory.

I then rebooted into my regular account. Now it works correctly for all

cases mentioned above. I wonder what safe mode did to correct the problem?

In older WIn OS' (ie win 3.1) one could associate an "open" command with a mouse click

and other various commands to do the functionality of accessing files on a disk.

Anyways, thanks since I didn't think safe mode would correct my problem.

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