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proxy/file caching server

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nodiaque    0

Hello everyone, I have a little question for you. I'm looking for a way to do file caching on my server. What I mean is that I download often updates from windows update to different pc, thus resulting in downloading the same file over and over. I know they exist in distribution package specially design for that but I don't feel like downloading all installation package and running them over and over (you know how much update there is). I'm aware of the bundle package some people did on the internet, I used them for my windows cd but mostly all in english and since I install both french and english...

At my work, I know they does that. We cache all file downloaded from microsoft.com so when we update another computer, the update is downloaded from the internal server and not from microsoft again. I know there is squid proxy server and apache internal proxy server, but as I remember, it's caching of webpage, ftp, rss and newsgroups, not file itself.

So if anyone have a good one file caching program that I can put on my linux server (running gentoo 2.6).

Also, I might install a web proxy as well, but it make a decade I've used such a proxy. Last time, it wasn't working very well (change web page, click reload and web page didn't change because proxy wasn't refreshing). If you know of a good one, thanks for sharing ;)

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