How do I hide a folder from other users?

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I have set limited access on security tab to the folder only to administrator but how do I hide this folder from other users or groups?

I know that there is a lot of specialized software for this, but I need to know how to do it in WinXP.

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There are hiding apps, but if you want to keep your files private, use TrueCrypt.

If your computer is used by people who have the opportunity/curiosity/motive to actively seek out your private stuff, be sure to check for software & hardware keyloggers each time you use the computer. If anyone does try to use a keylogger, use of a keyfile in TrueCrypt would help, unless they also used screen-capturing software.


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To hide folders, use XP's built-in NTFS security.

1) Create a folder, for example, FOLDER.

2) Create folders that you want to hide within FOLDER, for example, FOLDER1, FOLDER2, etc.

3) Right click on FOLDER. Then take exclusive ownership of that folder by deleting other owner from the 'Owner' tab of 'Advanced Security Settings' for FOLDER. (see image)

4) Then, in the 'Security' tab, delete everyone except yourself from 'Group or user names'. (see image)

Now, others who log in can see FOLDER, but can't see FOLDER1, FOLDER2, or any folder within FOLDER.

Of course, if you only have one user profile, then you can't use this method. You'll have to use third party software as mentioned above.

I recommend BestCrypt, however. Works great! It creates a virtual drive that you can mount and unmount.


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