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Bold Fortune

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That's not because of how the memory is managed that nix or XP are bloater. XP is (nearly) bloated and OEM XP are certainly. On the linux side, OpenSuSe is very heavy (how the hell can I avoid having all the mono stuff ?) but nor Slackware nor most BSD are.

Err... I think you misread my post. I'm not saying that Vista or *nix systems are bloat - I'm saying they're smart about memory management.

Your comment about XP and OEM XP... there's no difference between the two! They're the exact same underlying system. The only difference between the two is licencing. XP comes with a small handful of tools that helps you maintain your system (there are some better third party tools, but let's not go there). I really don't see what's so "bloat" about Windows, nor have I ever understood the definition of "bloat", since people keep talking about different things (memory usage and management, bundled programs/files... etc).

OpenSuSe is only "very heavy" because of all the additional programs that they bundle with it. Pretty much all BSD systems I've tried so far drop you into a console on first boot.


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Hey guys,

just wanted to inform you all who asked about bold_fortune's forum. He joined us on WinCert.net and we're hosting his complete work in the new created forum "Slimming Down Windows XP"

Here's the message from him:

A Message From Bold_Fortune

As many of you already know, my site is down. It will remain down. It was never really "my" site, it belonged to a generous lady named Sadie who lives in England. She gave it to me to support my work on Slimming Down Windows XP: The Complete Guide.

The guide was always for you. That is why I created it. It is my gift to those who always wanted to know which files they can delete from Windows XP, but couldn't find their answers...my site was only an afterthought.

WinCert.net is now graciously hosting my guide for you in its entirety. I will keep my guide updated there on WinCert.net.

People have posted my guide on their sites without my permission. These copies are older versions, and are not up-to-date.

Slimming Down Windows XP: The Complete Guide has always been, and will always be, "a work in progress". I edit and make changes to its contents on a continuous basis. I will continue my work there on WinCert.net. So for the best and latest version you will need to look there.





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Does anyone know about Bold Fortune site being down?


I do whois, I see this:

Domain : bold-fortune.com

Expired : 25 Jul 2008 07:09:38


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I'm sorry if I'm being a zombie creator but I saw that no one answered the question.

Bold's site is down again, and it's (again) likely that it will not be up anytime soon.

However, one of Bold's friends has a copy of his guide and now has it's own subforum.

Graphix an Stuff

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