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Vista games list

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As there seems to be no organized list of games that works with vista and geforce 8 i think

it is really needed,all the games are games that REALLY WORK or in some cases really DONT WORK in DRIVER crash way....

geforce drivers are 162.22

windows vista home 32 bit

Lets start with the bad news,not working at all games(with workarounds to make some of them work :thumbup ):

sadly one of my favorites games NEED FOR SPEED III:HOT PURSUIT(The original one not the collection one)

Doesn't work at all,not in SOFTWARE MODE and not in HARDWARE mode,when you click the nfs shortcut nothing happens...


well it works in SOFTWARE mode but this game isn't supposed to be played in SOFTWARE mode right?.

NEED FOR SPEED 2 SE-When you click the file it says it need glide,and thats about it.

Workaround-There is a way though using DGVOODOO,You just need to put the GLIDE2X.DLL and DGVOODOOSETUP in the game's folder.

DOOM95(the collection one)-Not working in any way(Error message looking for missing win95 files).

Workaround:It could work with DOOMSDAY mod just put the game WAD files into it and it works with amazing hardware accleration.

BTW:This mod also works with HERETIC and HEXEN(for some reason though the mod's latest build 1.9.0 beta 5 doesn't run FINAL DOOM) .

MIDTOWN MADNNESS-for some reason it doesn't want to install an error occurs in the installation process,it might just be the disc scratched or something although i doubt it.

Workaround-Strange but if you just copy the files from the cd to the hd it works,it still needs the disc to run.

TUROK- it is the demo really but still same glide problem,not working.

Workaround-Well it still has some graphics issue, stretching ground and wierd FOV look,but the DGVOODOO mentioned earlier at least makes it work.

C&C GENERALS+ZERO HOUR(FIRST DECADE not originals)-Not working.

The driver does not recognize the dvd,the splash screen appears(when it checks for cd) and just closes and nothing happens,it might in some cases show an error message but it still does not work.


Just Cause DEMO-It works but crashes for an unknown reason with a c++ error and if you play it again it just crashes again this time with System HANG(most likley a game issue).

NOTE:As noted in the post below the original version works fine

Lost Planet DX10 demo-this game has it's share of issues,the AKRID level works fine but the second one crashes with the DRIVER STOPPED RESPONDING AND RECOVERED error,they did say it's a work in progress....

World In Conflict Demo-With some of the most amazing graphics, sadly this game crashes every 5 or less minutes,serious crashes with the Driver Recoverd error only this time you need to restart the comp because each game that you play afterwards have the same problem,World In Conflict just messes the driver or something.

Crimson Skies-works with old NVIDIA drivers,with current ones have the invisible menu problem and black screen, it works ok in software mode(although very unwatchable, 640x480 someone? :o) .

BATTLEFIELD 1942-works. has bugs in older NVIDIA drivers,need to update to newer ones

The only thing that might be a problem is the fact that you need to run it as an administrator,if you don't it just crashes each time you change a level because of the disk checking,Some say checking xp compatability mode also helps .

BATTLEFIELD EXPANSION:SECRET WEAPONS-Same issue as before,run as an administrator,update NVIDIA drivers.

NOTE:The game does crash when you switch between exp packs and bf1942,sometimes it doesn't but mostly it does,perhaps switching between diffrent BF games is too much to ask,it will work while staying in the same game though....

BOTTOM LINE-Works albeit not as it could.


This are games that works with vista and geforce 8 period without any modding whatsoever(well they should all work like that really hope in time all of them will).

MYST:MASTERPIECE ADDITION-Even recognized by the explorer! (you might need an older version of quicktime for the movies say 6.5 can be found here,but this is the same for xp so no vista problem here.)

CEASER III(the one from the collection)-works and looks just fine.


GHOST RECON ADVANCED WARFIGHTER-looks and works just smoothly with the 8800.

UNREAL ANTHOLOGY-works like a charm and than some :thumbup .

SIN-yeah the original one still works have a bit of a slowdown in full screen mind which is odd,but works great.







HALF LIFE 2-works finer than fine :)


Lost Coast


I might have some more games to add to the list but for now ill finish

Edited by vistauser

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just to edit one of your games..

just cause does work, not sure about the demo, but the full game works perfectly.

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Dude, I have played all the games on windows vista ultimate x86 and all work perfectly.

You just need to install Glide Wraper for old games (its a glide emulator). Google it.

And for new games if you install the latest patches they will work on vista too.

For example I played Need For Speed 4 High Stakes all day today. And it works perfectly.

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C&C GENERALS+ZERO HOUR(FIRST DECADE) works perfectly here on my sons pc. standard affair.

Lost Planet (DX9) works perfectly, (DX10) has issues starting 50% of times (crashes to desktop)

his specs are


2gig 800mhz corsair

nvidia 8600gt

300gig maxtor sata2 drive

LG (whatever) dvdrw drive sata

windows vista home premium (x86) + sp1

again game runs fine without errors/crashes/bugs that i've noticed.

all drivers are the latest for both motherboard & graphics.

Edited by Batfinks

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