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Windows XP SP2C New Images needed

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Hi everybody,

this post is to explain some trouble I ran into and how I solved it.

First I will explain the method of installation of our systems.

We are selling various system to out customer (PC, POS system ...)

The method of installation may vary. We have an unattended XP Pro SP2 CD or we use image for fixed hardware.

Of course after the system is installed, we activate XP with a OEM license. Each system has it's own license. No piracy here.

Up to yesterday (15/10/2007) it worked fine.

A guy from the installation came to me saying that all the systems that were staged came with the error message "Window is already activated" and no way to get rid of this message.

So after some investigations, it appears that MS had to extend the license stuff. They create a SP2C version. Here for more information ""

The fact is that all images, CD and more have to be re-make. The SP2C is needed to accept the new keys. So It's what I did. And this is working.

The new license numbers are now accepted with out system.

So if you have such CD or images, you will have to update/refresh them in order to be able to activate the new keys.

Hope this will help somebody.



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Interesting, I guess I missed the Partner email on that one.

Thanks Sic for the post. Now I something to go on for when I build a PC with a new "XP Professional (N)" OEM disk.

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