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Active Directory Setup "Zone has no Start of Authority Record&quo

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I've been given a server with a copy of Windows Server 2003 Standard to play around with and just to learn how to set one up.

I've just set up the DNS and I'm now setting up the Active Directory, however when it comes up to the DNS registration diagnostics the setup wizard flags up the following error:

The SOA query for "_ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.test.lan to find the Primary DNS Server returned:

DNS Zone has no Start of Authority Record


I've double checked the Start of Authority in the DNS management, and it looks like it is correct, the DNS server is correct, I've entered a email address (substituting a . for @) for the responsible person (though the only thing this server is connected to right now is a switch that isn't connected to anything else). and there is a SOA file in both the Forward and the Reverse Lookup Zones.

So can anybody help me out as I haven't a clue as to how to resolve this problem!

Thanks in advance!


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Are you sure that in your DNS console that you actually have a RECORD in DNS that is an SOA record, containing the data you entered in the GUI? You can put the data in the GUI all day long, and if the SOA record is incorrect or missing you will get this error.


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Generally when I'm doing the first DC in a domain I just let dcpromo install and configure DNS. Unless you've already done a bunch of configuration in the DNS server, just uninstall it and let dcpromo do it's thing.


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