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Unattended Raid drivers

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Pure Krome

Pure Krome


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agreed scankurban, that method 1 (hacking txtsetup.sif) works perfectly. I've done that nearly 10-12 months ago with some help from a friend on another website.

but your method 2 is what worries me. no one (except you) seems to have succeeded in doing that.

the closest i've got, is to do it via the LITE XP Setup method -> ie. burn a copy of a fresh install to cd, minus all the unsued stuff like Upgrade files, etc, by running winnt32 in windows, and renaming/copying the temp files that winnt32.exe file creates, then doing some adjustements, etc and burn iso.

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LiteXP editing already installed system isn't it?
Posted Image




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but your method 2 is what worries me. no one (except you) seems to have succeeded in doing that.

The method 2 works for me also, using the latest Intel ICHR5 SATA RAID drivers, which are not signed. They are not present in the OEMPnPDriversPath, just the 2 directories as specified above.


    Repartition = No
    KeyboardLayout="United Kingdom"
    WaitForReboot = No
    OEMPnPDriversPath = "drivers\REALTEK\audio;drivers\ATI;drivers\IntelINF;drivers\LINKSYS"
    DriverSigningPolicy = Ignore

    "Intel(R) 82801ER SATA RAID Controller" = "OEM"
    "IDE CD-ROM (ATAPI 1.2)/PCI IDE Controller" = "RETAIL"

;    txtsetup.oem

Pure Krome

Pure Krome


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@jamesagmoore - could u please list the following information in a post / screen image?

1. CD File Structure
2. File listing where u put the drivers.
3. a listing of your .oem driver file

secondly, i noticed you only listed ONE file in your OEMBootFiles, and more so, that section and file were commented out? How does the [MassStorageDrivers] know which files are which? does it auto-search in the hardcoded directory?

thank you kindly.





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I attach a gif of the file structure. The drivers as in the right hand explorer pane are in both red directories.

The txtsetup.oem is just the default. No driver files were hacked. I believe some raid controller drivers may need editing if there are subdirectories but Intel's seem OK:

disk1 = "Intel Application Accelerator driver", iaStor.sys, \

scsi = iaStor

iaStor = "Intel(R) 82801ER SATA RAID Controller"


driver = disk1, iaStor.sys, iaStor
inf    = disk1, iaStor.inf
catalog = disk1, iaStor.cat


value = "", tag, REG_DWORD, 1b
value = "", ErrorControl, REG_DWORD, 1
value = "", Group, REG_SZ, "SCSI miniport"
value = "", Start, REG_DWORD, 0
value = "", Type, REG_DWORD, 1

; Uncomment appropriate ID string by removing semi-colon
id = "PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24DF&CC_0104","iaStor"

I found that OEMBootFiles was unnecessary, so I commented it out.

MassStorageDrivers OEM string was just copied from the txtsetup.oem.

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Pure Krome

Pure Krome


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wow. this is interesting.

i've always been led to believe the structure should be (based on your image above) :-

D:\XP\$OEM$\Textmode <- Txtsetup.oem and sata/raid drivers here, used in Blue TextMode part.
D:\XP\$OEM$\$1\Drivers \Sata <- same drivers as above, but these are used in GUI part.

i've also heard a rumour that the folder should be called txtmode, not textmode, but that's unconfirmed and unsansiated.

hmm. i'm definatly going to have to try this out....

Jens T

Jens T
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This is what i did to get my highpoint 370 controller
to work whitout pressing F6

I first added some values to the TXTSETUP.SIF from the I386 dir

Like this:......the ones in brackets should be there allready

hpt3xx.sys = 1,,,,,,4_,4,1,,,1,4

PCI\VEN_1103&DEV_0004&SUBSYS_00051103&REV_03 = "hpt3xx"
PCI\VEN_1103&DEV_0004&SUBSYS_00011103&REV_03 = "hpt3xx"
PCI\VEN_1103&DEV_0004&SUBSYS_00011103&REV_04 = "hpt3xx"

hpt3xx = hpt3xx.sys,4

hpt3xx = "HPT370 UDMA/ATA100 RAID-kontroller"

then i added the hpt3xx.sys for winXP (version v2.0.0919)
to the I386 directory

I ONLY HAVE Tested it for my 370 chip (Abit KT7a M-Board)

Hope some can find it useful.....



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Someone got WinXP Promise FastTrak100 ™ Lite Controller working?



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I got the same problem with my WinXP Promise Fasttrak100 ™ Lite Controller.
What exactly did you do??
Did you keep the C:\XPCD\$OEM$\Textmode\Winxp directory??



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Has anyone managed to get the second method working yet? I want to have support for my HPT370/372 controller when I boot my PC and I want the second method to work :)

When I read the thread I got a little confused about where to put the drivers. I've tried a lot combinations but haven't succeeded so far.

Here is the directory structure of the HPT370/372 drivers (Directories are CAPITALS)


First Question: Which of these Files can I discard? I guess I don't need the other Win directories, what about txtsetup.oem, do I really need it for the textmode installation?

Next Question: Where do I put the files for the textmode intallation? And what structure do I use?
What I've tried so far:

Do I only put the .sys-file in the textmode directory? Can I use a sub-directory in TEXTMODE?

plz help

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