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I am wanting to build my own server to host my own three websites which cost me about $100-150 each to run a year plus I want to be able to host websites for the rest of the family along with out own email server, and other features. I want the server to support php, asp, mysql, ftp, smtp mail, and a few other things. I will be building a computer from a 1.8 ghz machine for running the server. I will be using it instead of my own computer. I have read a few things on setting one up, but would a website run fine on a HP Pavilion 513W?

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You should be more than plenty fine with that computer really. To be honest, you don't even need anything that strong for hosting just a few sites as well as email. I've run a couple sites myself off an older 350mhz PC with very respectable speed and response. What server software are you planning to use?

I would recommend using Abyss WebServer (http://aprelium.com) as it is free, light, fast, and easy to setup while supports PHP and ASP (Natively supports ASP).

As for FTP - you're somewhat on your own there. I've heard of GuildFTP being somewhat decent for general use but haven't given it a whirl as I use SamiFTP for any times I need FTP.

SMTP is a tossup - have not set up or dealt with setting the such up yet.

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