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Remove Right click from users

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I have disabled Right click from users through a GPO but the users can still right click on all programs and explore open and properties still shows up? HELP?


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My school does that to us its really really GAY... y would u wanna do that

Because its not your computer. If the person that has to answer for its day to day operation thinks you don't need access to something, it is their job to attempt to prevent you from accessing it. If you have a legitimate academic reason ('really really gay' is not a legit reason) then talk to/email your admin and ask that they lighten up on their policies. If you present your case well you might get what you want but likely they have those polices in place for a reason. If you require unrestricted access to a PC then you should bring your own (assuming your school allows that)

in most cases Id just use:

User-> Administrative templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Explorer -> Prevent access to Drives from My Computer

but you can use the nochangestartmenu in the registry (be sure to disable regedit if you do)



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