Unable to load Realtek audio drivers after installing MS UAA driver

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I have a nForce570 chipset MB (Foxconn N570SM2AA) and it has a Realtek ALC882H HD onboard audio chip.This requires a M$ UAA Bus Driver to be installed first;

I am using, or trying to use 2k w/ sp5.1 and when I install the UAA driver, it does show in add/remove programs, but doesn't show in Device Manager. I try to install the Realtek driver, but it still tells me to install the UAA fix.

I tried the same thing on a fresh 2k w/ sp4 install and it worked (using V1.82, NOT V1.83 of the Realtek drivers), so it's a 5.1 issue.

Anyone that have a nForce570 MB trying to use sp5.1 that has this Realtek HD audio chip????

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