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Skinning Sites

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babis    0

MSStyles Themes (Require StyleXP or a modified UXTheme.DLL)


Various Themes

01. http://www.deviantart.com/

02. http://www.xptheme.info

03. http://www.deskmod.com

04. http://www.winxptheme.com/

05. http://www.windowspro.net/

06. http://www.themexp.org

07. http://winxp.rb-338.com/

08. http://www.belchfire.net/

09. http://www.aqua-soft.org/

10. http://www.getskinned.org

Dedicated Single Theme Sites

01. http://theme.sosumi.org/

02. http://chosenos.tk/

03. http://www.z3r0.tk/

04. http://members.shaw.ca/mattdagar/Static/

05. http://members.shaw.ca/mattdagar/Prophecy/

06. http://www.ibetas.net/~osiris/

07. http://www.users.broadband.hu/izsakir/



01. http://www.wincustomize.com/

02. http://www.lightstreamdesign.com/

03. http://www.guiolympics.com

04. http://www.dangeruss-industries.com/

05. http://www.pixtudio.com/

Customization Sites


01. http://www.lotsofskins.com/

02. http://www.winstep.net/

03. http://skins.solardreamstudios.com/skins/

04. http://www.winstyles.com/

05. http://xp.xyu.ca/skins.htm

06. http://www.skinz.org

07. http://www.wincustomize.com/

08. http://www.velocityart.com/

09. http://www.themesunlimited.com/

10. http://www.venus.dti.ne.jp/~mueji/factory_e.htm

11. http://www.virtualplastic.org/

12. http://www.skinbase.org/

13. http://www.theskinsfactory.com

14. http://www.mess.be

15. http://www.skinning.net



01. http://www.page3.com/

02. http://www.hebus.com/

03. http://www.unr3al.tk

04. http://www.gizba.com/x/digitalweb/wallpape.../wallpapers.htm

05. http://users.skynet.be/bk368385/indexhome.html

06. http://www.desktopimage.com/

07. http://www.endeffect.com/

08. http://www.digitoma.com/portfolio/

09. http://www.desktopgirls.com/

10. http://www.shadowness.com/

11. http://www.rasterized.org/

12. http://www.melonn.com/

13. http://www.gizba.com/x/digitalweb/digitalwallpapers/

XP Logos


01. http://www.xplogos.com/framepage/index.htm

Misc Sites, nothing to do with skinning XP


01. http://www.2advanced.com/

02. http://www.egomedia.com/

03. http://www.545studios.com/

04. http://www.highertendencies.com/

05. http://cmart.design.ru/

06. LClock @ Neowin

CREDIT: BIG BOOGER, XPERTIES , Reverend and babis

A copy of the above information is also located at babis' personal webpage (backup purposes)

edit, updated and removed dead links

Edited by TAiN

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Blackwar    0

Wow, that looks great

definitely going to check it out :)

thanks Pia


edit, removed dead links.

Edited by MSNwar

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TheSkinsFactory is f... great. :)

i love the themes of wmp.

b.t.w is there any site for Custom WinXP setup screens.. (i mean winntbbu files)

or can msfn be a host for such kind of thing.. it could be great and unique too :rolleyes::D

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Zxian    0

Just a note to mods...

There are quite a few links there that link to what I believe would classify as inappropriate content (i.e. www.desktopgirl.com)

Just trying to keep things clean.

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