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Hi Jcarle,

I would like to make a request of you to look at developing a tool similar to your WMP integrator for IE 7. After doing some searches on the net i haven't been able to find a simple way of integrating IE7 into my source and have also noticed that the up coming XP SP3 doesn't include with IE7 nor WMP11.

Anyway i hope that you will consider this request - personally i don't know how much work was involved in the development of the WMP tool or what it would take to do something similar for IE, however i beleive this is a much wanted and needed tool. :thumbup



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There's a lot of work that goes into integration, and it's a whole section that requires a lot of time, knowledge and support, one unfortunately I'm not ready to do for the moment. As suggested above, you can use nLite only for integration if need be.


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